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The Day the Skies Opened

Written by Tyisha Blade

​Dreams are compilations of reproductions created from mental conceptions. Involuntary sensations that usually occur in the mind during sleep stages, dreams require subconscious effort unlocking the mind’s most vulnerable, yet creative phases. I dreamt, on this day, that like a blossoming flower, the endless sky opened up and shared with me its astonishing process.

Like a mirror of majestic dignity, I watched myself deep in my slumber. Content and graceful in nature, I slept. In my dream, I was covered in tranquility as I watched myself wake up just in time to witness a breathtaking sunrise. I watched the sun rise from behind a cavernous, midnight blue ocean below a saturated sky of scintillating stars. Cirrus clouds, thin and wispy, gave way as the sun rose, creating a variation of sun rays vivid with bright ambers and apricots atop crimsons.

A magnificent skyline formed and the sun, reaching its peak high in the sky, became the center of Saturn's rings. During a 10-minute span, this capricious sun began to set. The stars trailed the sun across the sky like an obedient German Shepherd following its owner. Then, the biggest, most complete moon appeared. I felt as though I could extend my reach and touch it. As the moon centered itself as the focal element of the endless sky, I whispered soothingly to myself, “Wake up Tyisha, your struggles have ended.” I woke up. I don't remember ever having such an aesthetic dream.

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