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The Cleveland State Vindicator was founded as a Black student newspaper in January 1970.


We are a student-run and contributor-based Arts & Culture magazine at Cleveland State University with the overarching themes of multiculturalism, social justice, and artistic expression.

Celebrating 50 years of seeking social justice on campus, in the community and on the Earth, our mission is to serve the students of CSU with accurate, opinionated and analytic journalistic content.

We are open to diverse opinions and viewpoints and strive to achieve our mission to amplify the voices of the students, especially marginalized groups in society.

If you have a pitch in mind for an article, photo piece, story, illustration, or more, please send it to

*We reserve the right to reject submitted works based on the above criteria.

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Image by Benjamin Suter



Eric Seitz


Eric is a senior graphic design and journalism major. In addition to his work at The Vindicator, he is on the Campus Activities Board as the graphic designer. When he’s not up to his eyeballs in work, catch Eric playing his Nintendo Switch, listening to ABBA, or doing both simultaneously!


Jillian VanDyke

Art Director

Jillian is a senior graphic design major. She has been on the design team as well as writing for The Vindicator since her first week of classes at CSU. She is a photographer and loves spreading joy through her artwork. Her past work experience at several coffee shops has made her coffee-dependent and she loves serving others in these ways!


Abigail Preiszig

Online Content Editor

Abigail is a journalism major, biology minor and a recent Tri-C transfer student. In addition to being the online content editor of The Vindicator, she works in a research lab studying genetics. When she's not thinking about her next article or experiment you will find Abigail hiking, shopping or cooking up a new recipe. 


Kristina Markulin

Culture Editor

Kristina is a senior Promotional Communications major with minors in Marketing and Visual Studies and certificates in Digital Content Production and Multimedia Advertising. She is also the current president of Cleveland State's PRSSA chapter, and works as a marketing assistant. She has numerous hobbies, none of which will be listed here.


Lynn Nichols

Copy Editor

Lynn is an English/Gender Studies double major who enjoys writing critical analysis and short fiction. This is Lynn's second year on the editorial staff and fourth year contributing to The Vindicator.


Samra Karamustafic

Fashion + Wellness Editor

Samra is a senior majoring in Journalism and Promotional Communications. Aside from serving as the Fashion & Wellness editor, she also serves as the social media manager for a local yoga studio here in Cleveland. When she’s not studying or drafting Insta posts, you can find her watching a movie (most likely from A24), reading, or out on a hike with friends!


Megan Mullaly

Managing Editor

Megan is a junior majoring in graphic design and minoring in art history, communications, and marketing. She is also the Vice President of Membership for CSU’s Campus Activities Board and the Treasurer of the Women’s Club Soccer Team. In her free time you can find her practicing piano or playing with her cat!


Open Position 

Asst. Art Director

Coming soon!


Courtney Byrnes

Arts Editor

Courtney is a journalism major and digital content production minor in her final semester at CSU. Aside from serving as the arts editor for The Vindicator, she is also editor-in-chief of The Cleveland Stater. When she's not writing or working, you can find her taking photographs or enjoying nature.


Lauren Koleszar

Features Editor

Lauren writes both articles and fiction, acts on stage at community and professional theaters, and studies English Literature, Film & Media Arts, and Psychology. She adores twentieth-century literature and rehearsing monologues with her cat, who provides excellent feedback.


Cara Robbins

Social Editor

Cara is a second year student studying Film and Media Arts and Political Science. In addition to writing and editing social and political pieces for the Vindicator, she also has experience working for CSU’s Office of Civic Engagement. When she’s not talking about a movie she watched, a book she read, or a video game she played, you can find her sharing her enthusiasm for tea and coffee!

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