The Cleveland State Vindicator was founded as a Black student newspaper in January 1970.


We are a student-run and contributor-based Arts & Culture magazine at Cleveland State University with the overarching themes of multiculturalism, social justice, and artistic expression.

Celebrating 50 years of seeking social justice on campus, in the community and on the Earth, our mission is to serve the students of CSU with accurate, opinionated and analytic journalistic content.

We are open to diverse opinions and viewpoints and strive to achieve our mission to amplify the voices of the students, especially marginalized groups in society.

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Tyisha Blade

Tyisha is a writer by nature and enjoys all things that educate and further her career as a journalist.


Art Director

Alexia Carcelli

Alexia is a Graphic Design major in her final semester who has been a member of the Vindi team since Spring 2018.


Multimedia Manager

Max Torres

Max is a film major and theater minor with an addiction to coffee and a love of musicals. Let him snap your picture!


Arts Editor

Joscelyn Ervin

Joscelyn is an English major who enjoys reading, writing and watching anything to do with pop culture.


Features Editor

Brenda Castañeda Yupanqui

Brenda is a Spanish grad student and a teaching assistant in the Dept of World Languages, Literatures and Cultures. 


Social Editor

Dorothy Zhao

Dorothy is a computer science and health sciences double major in her final year with the Vindi.

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Distribution Coordinator

Katheryn Lewis

Katheryn is currently a senior at CSU studying both English and Linguistics.

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Managing Editor

Imani Stephens

Imani Stephens is a senior  graduating in May with a Bachelors in Journalism and Promotional Communication.


Asst. Art Director

Kyra Wells

Kyra is a Graphic Designer pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Design from CSU. She is very enthusiastic about Cleveland’s arts & culture community and loves contributing to it through The Vindi.


Online Content Editor

Vince McIntosh

Vince is a Journalism/Promotional Communication major that aspires to become a sports writer.


Culture Editor

Briana Oldham

Briana is a senior journalism student who wears many hats: collaborator of the Witness Project, news intern for WKYC, nonprofit administrative worker.


Copy Editor

Kevin Coleman

Kevin is senior Journalism & Promotional Communication major. In addition to his work for the Vindi, he serves as Editor in Chief of The Cleveland Stater. 

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Beauty + Wellness Editor

Megan Baranuk

Megan studies Promotional Communications & Journalism. This is her second year at CSU, and she loves reading, writing, painting and spending time with friends.