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Meet The Vindi Team!

Cara Robbins 5 Edited.jpg

Cara Robbins


Cara is a currently a senior majoring in Film and minoring in Political Science. As an avid fan of collaborative arts, you can usually find her diving headfirst into an over-ambitious film project or pouring over a soon-to-be-published Vindicator spread. In her free time, she enjoys struggling to remember interesting details about herself when asked. (She swears she has hobbies, she doesn't want to admit that a good chunk of them include listening to D&D podcasts).

IMG_3438 1 Edited.jpg

Michael Eadie

Managing Editor

Michael is a Senior, studying Urban Affairs and Public Administration. He had a deep interest in politics, both domestic and abroad, and has raked part in fundraisers, protests and internships to further his knowledge. He can be found at various coffee shops throughout Cleveland and Lakewood, though he’ll oftentimes settle for a home brewed cup. Michael’s other interests include cooking, photography and nature.

Prathinav Dutta 6 Edited.jpg

Prathinav Dutta

Art Director

Prathinav currently holds the position of Art Director at The Vindicator magazine. A rising senior pursuing a major in Graphic Design, he has been an integral part of the Art Direction team since Fall 2022. Prathinav's goal is to amalgamate his past experiences into innovative and minimalist visuals. With an expanding repertoire of techniques, aesthetics, and diverse skills, he is fully committed to elevating and revitalizing The Vindicator's visual identity.

Jake Ryan 8 Edited.jpg

Jake Ryan

Social Editor

Jake is a Journalism/Promotional Communication major and current junior here at Cleveland State. He’s been writing for The Vindicator since his sophomore year. Outside of the hustle and bustle of college life, there’s nothing Jake likes more than to kick back, relax, and play some video games with friends.

IMG_0922 9 Edited.jpg

Campbell Pratt

Fashion & Wellness Editor

Campbell is an English major, Literature concentration, in their senior year. Their academic interests include Gender Studies, Pop Culture, and Archival Librarianship. When they're not annotating their next read, they can be found in a local music venue or wandering the trails with their dog, Peach. They are an April Taurus and their favorite crystal is currently Dalmatian jasper.

Olivia Schwab 3 Edited.jpg

Olivia Schwab

Culture Editor

Olivia Schwab is a third year Film and Media Arts student with a minor in History. While this is Olivia’s first year involved with The Vindicator, she has been an avid reader since coming to Cleveland State. Outside of school, you can catch her slinging drinks at a local coffee shop or playing bass in her band, Miss Yellow Traffic Light. Olivia enjoys old monster movies, jazz, and funky sweaters.

headshot 11 Edited.jpg

Emma Smallwood

Features Editor

Emma is in her senior year at Cleveland State University, majoring in English with a track in secondary education and a minor in classical studies. Through CSU’s education program, Emma has had the opportunity to spread a love for writing in high school students throughout Cleveland. When she is not in the classroom or writing an essay, you can find her trying out a local Cleveland coffee shop or hiding out in the library!

Ben Nichols 4 Edited.jpg

Ben Nichols

Copy Editor

Benvolio is a senior majoring in English (creative writing) and Gender Studies, with minors in Spanish, Philosophy, Africana Studies, and History. This is his fourth and final year on the staff at The Vindicator. You might see them on campus in their roles as office assistant at LGBTQ+ Student Services and lead tutor at TASC. Outside CSU, he enjoys tabletop games, drag shows, and live theatre. (According to the AP Stylebook, this is the only Vindi text where Ben can use the Oxford comma. Let them have this!)

Htoo Htoo Thaw 2 Edited.jpg

Htoo Htoo Thaw

Assistant Art Director

Htoo Htoo Thaw is a senior graphic design student here at CSU. This is her first year with the Vindicator, and she hopes to develop her design skills while making new connections as well. She loves to read, and play volleyball in the summer with her community. She is also a trilingual speaking English, Burmese and K'nyaw (a native language).

Andrew Paduano 7 Edited.jpg

Andrew Paduano

Online Content Manager

Andrew is in his third year at Cleveland State University with a major in Marketing. Although he is still figuring out what to pursue, he wants to explore ways of inspiring people through storytelling and has an interest in content creation. Besides that, he has a multitude of hobbies. Sometimes it could be learning about the latest tech, sometimes it could be exploring nature, depends on his mood.

Sophie Farrar 10 Edited.jpg

Sophie Farrar

Arts Editor

Sophie is a junior majoring in Journalism and minoring in Digital Content Production and Art History at CSU. This is Sophie’s third year contributing to the Vindicator and her second year doing so as an editor. Sophie can also be found working as a Resident Assistant in CSU's dorms and as a barista. Some ways Sophie enjoys spending her free time includes making jewelry, reading, and listening to music.

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