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Meet Our Vindi Team


Cara Robbins


Cara is a junior majoring in Film and Media Art and minoring in Political Science. As an avid storyteller, she’s always got something up her sleeve– whether she’s producing a student film, coming up with an idea for an article, or drafting up a new script or short story idea. If you catch her while she’s working a shift at her lovely local coffee shop, be sure to stick around while she recounts an embarrassing story to friends from her admittedly cringey past.


Megan Mullaly

Managing Editor

Megan is a senior graphic design major minoring in art history, communications, and marketing. Along with being the Managing Editor of The Vindicator, Megan is also the Graphic Design Executive Chair of the Campus Activities Board, a Graphic Design Peer Advisor at the office of Career Development and Exploration, and the treasurer of the Women’s Club Soccer Team. In her free time, you can find Megan trying to teach her cat tricks.


Katherine Justiniani

Art Director

Katherine Justiniani is a senior studying graphic design. She transferred from the University of Central Florida where she studied emerging media for experimental animation and computer science to CSU in the fall of 2022. She is an intern for the Cleveland Clinic’s art department. After graduation, she hopes to work in UX and UI or film and media. She spends a lot of time traveling, studying film, and connecting with other artists while continuing to learn new art forms. She is a libra, espresso addict, and avid thrifter who loves a good sweater.


Cael Shaw

Culture Editor

Cael is a Sophomore Political Science and International Relations major with a minor in Environmental Studies. He is a current member of the Student Environmental Movement, the CSU Powerlifting Club, and Student Government! He has numerous hobbies, none of which will be listed here. He spends his free time lifting weights, listening to music, staying up to date on politics and trying to find newer, better ways to make the world a better place!


Emma Smallwood

Features Editor

Emma is in her third year at Cleveland State University, majoring in English with a track in secondary education and a minor in classical studies. While this is Emma’s first year involved with The Vindicator, she has had the opportunity to spread a love for writing in high school students throughout Cleveland due to her involvement in CSU’s education program. When she is not in the classroom or writing an essay, you can find her working as a barista at a local Cleveland coffee shop or hiding out in the library!


Ben Nichols

Copy Editor

Ben Nichols is a junior majoring in English (creative writing) and Gender Studies, with minors in Spanish, Philosophy, Africana Studies, and History. This is their second year as copy editor and third year on the staff at The Vindicator. You can find them on campus as an office assistant at LGBTQ+ Student Services and as a lead tutor at TASC! In their spare time, they enjoy seeing shows at Playhouse Square, reading fiction, and making jewelry. (According to the AP Stylebook, this is the only Vindi text where Ben can use the Oxford comma. Let them have this!)


Jakob Roberts

Assistant Art Director

Jakob is a senior graphic design student at Cleveland State. He is also the secretary of Cleveland State's AIGA student organization. Outside of art and design, Jakob's hobbies include skateboarding, listening to music, playing video games, and watching movies. Be prepared for an earful if you ask him about any of these things. 


Riley Roliff

Multimedia Manager

​​Riley is a junior majoring in journalism and minoring in sociology. After graduating, they plan on pursuing a career in independent multimedia journalism. Riley found their interest in multimedia journalism while studying film during their first two years of college, where they learned the ropes of writing and directing. Outside of The Vindicator, they spend their free time reading about political issues and taking part in local activist groups. You can find them browsing bookshops to add to their archive of unread books, watching history documentaries, and playing with their dog.


Sheila Kiss

Arts Editor

Sheila is a senior majoring in journalism and minoring in marketing. She loves writing, which led to her interest in journalism, and she has also written for The Cleveland Stater. When she’s not working on school assignments she enjoys going to the gym and watching cooking videos and movies.


Abigail Jarvis

Social Editor

Abigail Jarvis is a junior Theatre Arts major specializing in Acting, minoring in Communications, and earning certificates in both Arts Management & Digital Content Creation. A passionate storyteller in many forms, Abigail has written articles, plays, and for CSU publications since her first week of classes as a freshman. When not in a theatre, she can be found drinking tea on campus or diving headfirst into a new hobby.


Sophie Farrar

Fashion & Wellness Editor

Sophie is a sophomore studying Journalism at CSU. This is Sophie’s second year contributing to the Vindicator and her first year doing so as an editor. Some ways Sophie enjoys spending her free time include making jewelry, reading, and following One Direction’s every move on Twitter.


Abigail Preiszig

Online Content Editor

Abigail is a senior majoring in journalism and minoring in biology and online content production. She is interested in scientific journalism and her dream job is working for NPR. In addition to being the online content editor of The Vindicator, she is involved in The Cauldron and The Cleveland Stater and works as a barista and pet sitter. When Abigail is not working or writing you will find her spending time with her hamster, Pablo, or on a hike with friends.

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