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October Issue Poem Collection

Written by McCayla Connors

You Don’t Want Me to Write a Poem About You

you don’t want me

to write a poem about you.

my poems about men,

they turn them into nothingness.

my poems outline the dark shadows,

the devilish secrets,

poured out from your soul.

my poems about men

are sadistic and obsessive.

if i write you into a sonnet,

you can assume i have gone for your soul.

no, i am not a man-eater,

i am an energy absorber.

i will take your dark side

and paste it to the pages of my

mind, heart and soul

in an attempt to cleanse you,

to exorcize your demons.

but instead of deleting them,

i’ve only copied them

and made them my own.


My Muse

how many poems do i have to write

to forget about you?

how many pictures do i have to post

to hate how you saw me?

how many songs do i have to hear

to stop missing you?

how many lines do i have to write?

how many lines do i have to cross?

how many lines do i have to create?

to get over you

to not want you under me

to forget me being under you

how many canvases must i cover

to remove you from the frames of my life?

how many playlists must i make

to drain my heart of my love for you?

how many more dreams must you take

from my peaceful slumber,

to remind me what never was?

how many poems will i write

before i retire you as my muse?

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