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Another 50 Years

Written by McCayla Connors

If I didn’t know any better

I would think the year was 1974

Between the amount of mass destruction 

And the level of political corruption.

But the cries for help from people

That are ignored in every corner,

Reminds me the year is 2024.

The way things are going

I would think it was the year

When my mother was born,

With how far our world is torn.

Women and children without housing,

In the same country allowing

Death, famine and extinction

On the other side of the world,

Where there are women and children

Without food, water and protection.

If only our society took notes

If only we remembered history repeats itself.

With the power of social media

And the willpower of the blank panthers

Our generation could be unstoppable.

The change we’d make is palpable,

Yet there’s still a disconnect.

Maybe in another 50 years 

The fight in our country will resurrect.

-McCayla Connors


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