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We Want to Believe We Will Be Loved By Somebody

Inspired by the song “Simulation Swarm” by Big Thief

I wanted more than

you could give a friend in need

we held hands and

I could feel them start to bleed

I’ve been told by

exes and friends that I

want it too much

but we all just want to be loved

Hear my breathing

our lungs are syncing up

I held your face and

wished for time to stop

Two-thirds lovely-

the rest im not enough

Kiss me softly

could you be a lil’ more rough

Never lonely

Look into your eyes so warm

Eat my heart please

I need you to want me more

And now im lonely

and left without a word

Cried my eyes out

I can see your getting bored

If I could go back

and stop it all before

you could hurt me

and leave me on the bathroom floor

I had no idea

of the mess you'd get me in

Watching all your friends

sleeping in your bed

If I knew any better

I’d go back in time

and underneath the guises

I’ll hold you by my side

Even then

You're a stranger

I'm not young and blonde

I saw you staring

Faceless- words are calm

Even then

Hold me tightly

I'm left here in the cold

Withering kindly-

stare into your soul

My thoughts are foolish

I'm waiting for the time

All those tarot card readings

and the hope you'll change your mind

Wasting nights and

waiting by the phone

Evening nights afraid

I’ll always be alone

and even then

I’ll try again.

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