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Eyes’s Family And Friends In Ohio

​Eyes and Sea, sparrows, make a lot of efforts to have a happy family. Eyes likes to

sing because of many encouraging memories with Place, a pigeon. Her husband, Sea likes

to play visual games with his friends in Ohio from childhood and adulthood including

Land, an owl, who was helpful for their marriage.

Eyes sings songs in a local group near her home in Ohio while Place likes to sing

songs in a big group in a city in Ohio. They sing together for encouraging moments when

they are not singing in their groups. Everyone has different preferences, but they respect the

differences of each other and all of them are happy because of it.

One day, Eyes realizes that she is about to have a baby with Sea. Eyes says to Sea

that she wants to share the happiness with family members and friends. Eyes and Sea are so

excited to consider their future hope.

When Eyes finally gives birth to her first baby, they invite close family members

and friends including Place and Land. Everyone cries for the impressive happiness. They

hold the baby praying for future happiness.

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