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Written by: Elara

Riots are how revolutions began.

Riots are an outcry,

A consequence for sin.

An outburst of anger

Or rage and betrayal.

Wouldn’t you be angry if you were on that trail?

What would you do if your brother was killed?

How many of us can say with honesty that we wouldn’t seek for their name to be heard?

Now multiply that brother by millions upon millions more lost.

Don’t you understand the need for revenge?

Don’t you understand the reason is them?

The riots are not the starting point,

They are the last case scenario.

They are what happens when voices are silenced for a millennia.

These people are not fighting just for the fun.

They are fighting to be treated the same as the rest of us.

When peaceful protests are heard.

Maybe then the fires will no longer burn.

But until then I will stand up tall and fight alongside my brothers and sisters as well.

Because no matter what the color of my skin,

I am a human,

And our hearts beat the same within.

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