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Promise, Unraveled

Poem by Leah Bunner

Promise, Unraveled

Entreating words that should’ve been left on paper

said too many times over

until they’ve lost all structure

until their form is nothing more than stray letters

The consonants don’t feel so grating anymore once rough

around the edges now threadbare, worn by copies of

bodies it’s always the same sound but it emits the most

beautiful off of you

and so, it’s the vowels that hurt the syllables that are still

stuck like sour honey in the wedges of my brain

Beseeched with hands clenched so tightly

like a prayer- straight into my lungs you beg but I

already swore I’ll give you so much

I want to give you so much

but it’d be better for the both of us

to just under-pour instead

How many times can you ask me for something

that we both want but only I am able to impart

Entreating words that should’ve fallen out of a pencil

because pen bleeds permanent

a convoluted incoherence of ink

until their form is nothing more than blurred cliché

How many times will you ask me for something I

can give to you I want to give to you only you

but while you’re still willing to tie the telephone cord

around her throat too I’m going to keep it for myself

I’m going to hold it so tightly

as if it were me, myself

please don’t take me please don’t just take me

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