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A poem

“Lonely” - [Indigo]

When I die how will they know how I loved you?

You really are a pair of old jeans, the first pick out of the wash

Even sober you send me to the astral plane

These love letters have no address

But this energy needs to be fulfilled

It’s not enough to be acquainted to you

I need to see you in my dreams, behind my eyelids

How do you inject a baseline into your bloodstream

A baseline that makes me brave enough to go to work tomorrow

How can I tattoo every character and letter onto my heart

I knew you were gonna be good, but goddamn I just wasn’t expecting this

It’s a damn shame you won’t make it onto my spotify wrapped

Proudly trading vibes for hearing in my old age.

You’ll be dead by then, and there will be nothing worth hearing.

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