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Letter From the Editor Winter 2022

Turn and Face the Strange

By the time December rolls around, I’m usually burnt out.

It’s not an unusual story. Throughout fall, the semester barrels forward — bringing with it more deadlines, more responsibilities, more things to juggle and pray you don’t drop. And then, with the frenzied blur of finals week finally coming to an end, you’re suddenly granted the room to breathe again. It feels surreal — to me, the coming of the New Year often feels like the eye of the storm. The feeling of the old passing and the new just around the bend that marks the end of the year offers a rare and beautiful moment to reflect on the past and hope for what the future brings.

This issue, there’s plenty of “new” to celebrate, especially with so many first-time contributors. Make sure to check out Jake Ryan’s review of “Pearl” and “X." First-time or casual viewers of “Game of Thrones” will certainly want to check out Celeste Zirm’s fan-friendly introduction to “House of the Dragon." Those who appreciate poetry and creative writing will also want to read Leah Bunner’s “Calypso” and Maris Wirt’s “Degenerate."

We also say goodbye to plenty of beloved faces at the Vindicator at the end of this year, as well. Check out Arts Editor Sheila Kiss’s last piece on overrated, underrated and perfectly-rated Trader Joe’s. Sheila, it was a delight to have you on the team. The Vindicator team will miss you dearly and wishes you the best on your post-graduate endeavors.

This is also the last issue that current Art Director Katie Justiniani will design for. Katie, thank you so much for all your hard work on ensuring that The Vindicator always looks absolutely stunning. Your unique style and use of color made your magazine designs absolutely striking — your creative spirit in The Vindicator is irreplaceable. We know that you will continue to spread your charm and creativity outside of CSU.

I may be a bit biased, but I believe that there’s nothing more leisurely and relaxing than spending some time reading. I hope that this issue serves as a peaceful break from the late-semester burnout. Take some time to recharge — you deserve it. As the year comes to a close, I encourage you to take the time for yourself to pause, reflect, and release the past while preparing to embrace the future.

Happy holidays and have a wonderful New Year!


Cara Robbins


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