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Drenched in Violet

Written by Sydnie M Dorma

breathing used to be slow and steady

an all encompassing feeling.

now it is like swimming in deep water.

your head becomes heavy from all the dense pressure caging you under.

yet, your heart and limbs feel light.

I’ll keep you like a breath

taken in when needed

but exhaled out just the same.

I’ll keep you like death

long awaited and mind-torturing

but inevitable.

I’ll keep you like music


the last thing I hear before my last breath.

I won’t sit back and watch things wither away. that would make me a lazy gardener.

I rather sit back and watch a hot sun turn gray than hear a hollow “I love you.”

my fears are drying me out

that I don’t even feel them anymore.

an endless empty glass

no matter how thirsty.

breathe because you’ve been here before.

the shaken devil that is your mind are more flowers than weeds.

teach yourself to look at the wilted petals as a friend. it hurts

but it won’t break you.

it will become homesick if you

refuse to be its permanent.

become its favorite northern vacation.

alienate it instead of yourself.

it will fade long before you do.

if i am stuck with you

I hope to be left with a tan

not a burn.

if I am scarred by you

I hope to be marked by things as soft as cotton and sweet as honey.

if I am to cry by you

it shall be in thanks to the rain sticking to my cheeks.

when did we come outside?

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