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Written by Diondre Ward

She can’t breathe is it cause of her 12 Page essay isn’t even in 6 page depth

- Or cause Of her fathers death instead of inheriting His assets

- she inherits his stress

- Chest congestion in the dorm room

- Wheezing cause Her academic probation will not be up soon

- Shallow breathing cause she can’t let it out

- Arrested by guilt by the family thinking she’s good

- The doors won’t open And she’s closetphobic assuming

-The doors won’t open And she’s closetphobic

- Where’s her feet

- On top of the key

- Small and circular and did I mention it’s labeled oxy

- Supposedly suppose to ease that pain, Ease that shame,

- Numb the pain in the body

- The highest elevation then made a amateur out of coffee

- Now she could care less about a pop quiz

- Or Charles Dickerson’s logic

- Or that real estate class that teaches about how to make a profit

- Checks from that part time job Ain’t making no more deposits

- Hour wage doesn’t have a way to touch her pockets

- Only to Purchase the feeling of touching the mega comet

- After that 12 month Soberness hits

- when she runs out of profit

- Then steps in logic

- She knows she has to stop this

- She admits it was A mishap

- But every act there’s a react

- Now she dives back into relapse

- But the drive to use that key has no more action

- So she asks for prayer at the nearest church

- It’s embarrassing but she takes a stab at it

- You know them black churches say stuff like

- We can’t help her she’s a addict and she’s gotta have it

- Rather then say stuff like Pray for her

- She’s gotta habit curse those who laughs at it lol

- Family still doing the assuming let’s see in the future what happens

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