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A Nature Walk

Written by Hannah Mosley

When the glow of dawns first hello rises through the peaks of the white clouds,

And the birds dance and whirl between the winds that sing of love,

When the ocean claps his hands against the rocky shore,

Awakening the colorful creatures that flutter through his everlasting blue,

And the smell of salty air that tiptoes through my nose,

Sending a sting to my eyes,

When the little critters scurry around my toes and ankles for a quick hello,

Only to hide in the cracks and dark spaces beneath my steps,

When the trees stretch their arms to the sun in praise for her beauty and sway when the wind blows,

When the moon kneels over to kiss the horizon goodnight,

And the stars cast their shine across the blanket of night,

I know I found my peace.

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