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What to Watch This Spring

A comprehensive list of all the best ways to celebrate the season

Written by Grace Booze

Each month in spring has many different celebrations. Here is a streaming watch list for all the festivities and why they are a great representation.


Earth Month:

“Chernobyl” - HBO Max

This mini-series shows what kind of devastation a nuclear power plant explosion can cause on the environment.

Autism Acceptance Month:

“Please Stand By” - YouTube, Amazon Prime, Redbox, Vudu, FuboTV

This film follows a young woman trying to get her Star Trek script published.

Stress Awareness Month:

“Encanto” - Disney+

Mirabel juggles the stress of her family and identity in this family-friendly movie.

Alcohol Awareness Month

“Everything Must Go”- Tubi, Pluto, YouTube, The Roku Channel, Vudu, Amazon Prime

Will Ferrell plays a struggling alcoholic dealing with sobriety in this dramedy.


Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month:

“Always Be My Maybe” - Netflix

This rom-com features many famous Asian-Americans and centers around a friends-to-lovers trope.

“Hawaiian: The Legend of Eddie Aikau” - Disney+

This 30 For 30 documentary follows Hawaii’s beloved pro-surfer Eddie Aikau.

Mental Health Awareness Month:

“Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me” - Apple TV

This documentary follows Selena Gomez learning about her depression, anxiety, and mental health.

Jewish American Heritage Month:

“School Ties” - Paramount+

This film features a Jewish boy who faces discrimination as he attends a Catholic boarding school.

National Clean Air Month:

“The Lorax” - Amazon Prime

This family-friendly watch shows the importance of clean air.


LGBTQ+ Pride:

“The Birdcage” - Showtime

Two gay parents have to hide their relationship when their conservative in-laws come to visit.

Alzheimer's Awareness:

“The Notebook” - HBO Max

A husband struggles to remind his wife of their love as she battles Alzheimer's.

Immigrant Heritage:

“Blue Bayou” - HBO Max

A man adopted from Korea is faced with the possibility of being deported even though he has only lived in America.

Men's Health Awareness Month:

“50/50” - Hulu, Amazon Prime

This film follows a young man battling cancer.

Gun Violence Awareness Month:

“Bowling For Columbine” - Pluto, Tubi, The Roku Channel

This documentary follows up with the Columbine high school students immediately after the school shooting.


Disability Pride:

“Crip Camp” - Netflix

This documentary, produced by the Obama family, follows a summer camp built for disabled children.

National Bison Month:

“Dances with Wolves” HBO Max

A Civil War soldier is stationed in the wild west where he befriends a Native tribe.

Plastic-Free July:

“Straws” - Tubi

This documentary explains how damaging microplastics can be to the environment.

National Minority Mental Health Awareness:

“All The Bright Places” - Netflix

This rom-com follows two teens struggling with their emotional pasts.

French-American Heritage:

“A Good Year” - Stars

This film follows a man who inherits his uncle’s estate in France only for a long-lost cousin to show up, claiming it’s her property.

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