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What is it like Working at an Abortion Clinic?

We interviewed Annie Krol who works for NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio about her experiences working for an abortion clinic as well as being an advocate for abortion rights. We visited her at Preterm, one of the few abortion clinics still open in the state of Ohio. Annie talks about her experience, and how it relates to reproductive rights and the movement for safer, more accessible abortion access in Ohio. This is Part One of a series of videos of our interview with Annie and are a prequel to our All Access Concert coverage in September! Annie's Bio: Annie Krol grew up east of Cleveland, graduated from Allegheny College, and returned to the neighborhood this past autumn to become part of Team NARAL. As a doula and advocate for the Buffalo refugee community, a rabble-rousing puppeteer, stilt artist, and street performer, Annie's activisms have taken many forms. Choice has been a central motivator for Annie over the years and she has dedicated many of them towards peer education on sexuality, health, and reproductive health access. Annie is eager to jump into the fight for reproductive freedom for the people of Ohio, to cultivate and mobilize intentional community spaces, and to facilitate more inclusive social movements.

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