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Vindicator November Poems

Some poems to spruce up your November!

The Village

we mother each other

cause we didn’t have a real mother

she was there but she was a warden

she couldn’t reward us with love and affection

now we’re out here starving for attention

the lack thereof has me obsessing over

boys, toys, anything i can use to destroy

the image she built of me and you

the elder, the altar, the forced to watch her

other babies,

her youngest baby doesn’t even get to stay home

womb lord acts like she’s too grown to raise her seed

how am i the fourth in line and feel like i gotta take the lead

all i ever wanted was to be seen

just like you, just as me

the guinea pig, the spoiled sponge

no one to look after but the forgotten son

her prized possession yet paid no attention

it’s no wonder he can’t stand her

clearly he saw how she treated her daughters

six against one, they said it couldn’t be done

but when we love one another, i feel like we won


The American Nightmare

When’s it my turn to shine

not with fame

but to have

something to my name

I know society’s to blame

for taking away the only

life I wanna live

with a moss lawn

never wake before dawn

just writing and laughing

singing every song

why’s that so wrong?

to want nothing but the simple life

is it really necessary to always

have this strife in the community

Lord Jesus please grant my people

some immunity

cause this life’s too hard

they want us making out card after card

I just wanna breathe

watch the sun with my family

but I live in Corporate America

where just existing is a fantasy


The New Wild West

The wild wild west was once a myth

a legend, a piece of history

something that was thought to never happen again

something that you can only see now on the big screen

As I sit in my room and scroll down Instagram

and pass through stories and various posts

I see the wild west coming back to life

the men now once again roam the streets

with firearms slinging from their hips

the women with their hourglass figures

are the most dangerous creatures among us

wanting nothing more than to be free

they will battle between protection and promiscuity

while the men sling firearms at their hips,

the women conceal life between their own

forced into motherhood or forced into abstinence

neither satisfying what she truly wants and needs

so the men will murder and the women will martyr

welcome to the new wild wild west


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