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The Records After Death

“You promised that we are going to have a fun night tonight,” I thought, wondering why my husband did not keep his promise that night. All he told me that he was not in a good mood and wanted to be alone. I laid on the bed with my face down on my pillow and slightly thought why my life was so miserable. I became drowsy and slowly lost consciousness on the bed and I was paralyzed; my body did not move. Suddenly, something shiny talked to me, “I am going to give you a job to help two dead women. If you save them in time, you will learn something. Talk to the judge of death for details,” it said.

I was transported to a front desk in some different room before seeing the judge of death. The waiting area was really big and there were a lot of leisurely activities for dead people who were about to see the judge. There was an amusement park area, a theater, and food service area which were to remind people of the happiness in their lives.

Suddenly, I heard a voice coming from nowhere in particular. “Joy, you are going to help two women nick-named Wenna and Dee Dee. They are too traumatized from when they were alive and they cannot even remember their names,” the voice said. “All they remember are painful experiences. To go to heaven or hell, their minds have to be cured because they cannot release their traumatic experiences yet. If they do not see me, in time they will turn into ghosts and go back to the living world. Once they become ghosts, they will not be able to get another chance to see me for a while. Prevent them from being ghosts. It is not good for them to go back to the living world because they will suffer there with traumatic memories. You must first see a psychiatrist of death. Until your job is done, you have to use an alias. We will call you G. G, the time is limited. See the psychiatrist immediately and save the two women.”

The voice stopped and I went to the front desk. “Hello. My name is G, g, g…” I could not remember my name exactly, so I said, “My name is G. I need to see the psychiatrist about two people.”

The lady at the desk, “Okay, you can open the door behind the front desk and you will find him there.” I opened the door and got in. I saw a light skinned, tall, skinny man with white clothes. He looked like a regular doctor. He had light brown hair and hazel eyes. He was wearing round glasses. He looked like a very smart and warm-hearted person.

“Welcome, G! I appreciate you using your time to help us. I want you to talk to Wenna and Dee Dee and figure out their situations. They refuse to talk to me.” he said.

“How can I help them? I am not sure whether I can help them,” I said. I was afraid I did not know enough to help. He said, “Just try to be with them and talk to them. There are a lot of distractions for you in the waiting area, but don’t get side tracked. Just be with them all the time and talk to them. When they reveal their real names to you, it is a big chance.” He showed me things which look like white shiny rice. “These are carbohydrates to cure their minds. Don’t waste the time, otherwise you will not be able to save them. Wenna and Dee Dee have been in the food service corner sitting and talking together for a long time without moving from the same place there. They are not interested in getting involved in any leisure activities because of their entire trauma. Go straight out the door. Wenna is fifty years old with red, straight long hair and wearing glasses. Dee Dee is fifty years old with blond and short curly hair. It’s all on you now.”

I went out the door, entered and started looking for the two girls. The food service area looked very far away and it would take about fifteen minutes to walk to there in the real life, but as soon as I start walking, the sight surrounding me quickly changed to the food service area. I saw two women sitting at an area by themselves. They looked exactly how the psychiatrist told me. I walked up to them and said, “My name is G. I came here to help you.” The woman with red hair moved her head to see me, but the woman with blond hair did not seem like she even realized I was there. The red hair woman used body movement to let her know that I talked to them. “How can you help us? How can you understand our feelings?” The red haired woman was upset. She showed her arms with a lot of scratch marks and said, “This should not happen again.”

I said to her, “Sorry to hear that, but I know how it is like to have tough situations.” She told me, “There are a lot of leisure activities, but why are you here with us? You should have fun. At the theater, you will be able to watch movies.”

I said. “I am here to help you. I don’t want you guys to feel pain forever. If there is anything I can help you with, let me know.”

The red haired woman moved her hands and I recognized that she was using sign language to tell the blond haired woman what I had said. Then the blond hair woman started using sign language and the red haired woman started explaining what she said. The blond hair woman’s nickname is Dee Dee. She was deaf. She had a son who could hear, but he was a troublemaker. He never tried to learn sign language, so he couldn’t talk to her. Her husband died while serving in the military when she was forty-five and their son was thirteen. She tried to discipline her son every time he did bad things, but since he felt that he was better because he could hear, she could not stop him from making trouble in the neighborhood. He was sixteen when he joined a street gang and started dealing drugs. She had stomach cancer and the stress of her son constantly getting in trouble with the law made the situation worse.

The red haired woman said, “My nickname is Wenna. I was so sad that Dee Dee died because she was my best friend and the only person whom I could talk to after my parents died. I faced a lot of terrible bullying when I was an elementary student and often used the home schooling for a long time from a certain point. Because of Dee Dee, I could decide attending a college physically. I was not lonely no matter what after facing difficulties at the college I went. I could not stand living in a place where nobody was nice to me, so I committed suicide by cutting my both arms many times. Dee Dee still wants to fix her son by going back to the living world as a ghost. I will be with her because we are best friends.”

I felt sorry for them, but I answered, “People cannot be changed by others. It does not matter whether Dee Dee is alive or a ghost. She will suffer again in the living world by feeling the pain again. Rather than that, I want you to remember happy memories in your past. You need to be released from painful experiences when you guys were alive and have reprieve.” Their blue eyes suddenly lost their pupils. I was not sure what was going on with them.

“Wenna? Dee Dee?” I called to them. Wenna said, “My name is Wendy.” Dee Dee used the sign language and Wenna said, “Her name is Dixie.” This was my chance, so I showed them the carbohydrates, “Wenna, Dixie, take these carbohydrates! You will be released from the pain!” They suddenly started eating them and they became younger and younger while they were eating them. When they finished eating, they looked like eighteen-year-old girls. They were happiest when they were eighteen years old. Before going to college, they hung out a lot without knowing what would happen in their adult lives. They never imagined unfortunate things would happen to them. They wanted to live together as best friends forever.

Wendy said, “I will see the judge first because I always wanted to take action first when I hung out with Dixie. Dixie died first, but I will not let her see the judge first. She looked very cheerful and proud of herself that she decided things quicker than Dixie all the time.

I said, “I will see you off in the judgment situation.” But she said, “Farewell” and started running the way to the front desk. I followed her because I was curious of her results. She went into the room behind the front desk, ran passed the psychiatrist and turned left at the corner.

The psychiatrist said to me, “I can tell that you followed her for your curiosity, but you should not pass me. You have to get out from the door from which you entered now. If you pass through their door, you will not be able to return to the living world.” Frightened of the thought of not being able to see my husband again, I turned away.

When I got out of the room, I realized that I was on my bed with my head faced down on the pillow, exactly in the same way I fell asleep. I could not believe that I was just dreaming. I now remember that my name is Joy, but I could not forget anything. The guide spirit to the death people’s waiting area, the voice of the judge of death, the front desk lady, the psychiatrist, Wenna or Wendy, and Dee Dee or Dixie. As the spirit guide promised me, I learned that the lives of people are not always necessarily miserable. There might be good experiences through lives for everybody. I wished Wendy and Dixie went to heaven, but at least they remembered happy memories of their lives.

My husband told me what I learned was true. I had good and bad moments in my life. After the mysterious experience, I really had a good day with my husband. We talked a lot and enjoyed watching TV shows. I could not believe that I had the opposite day from the day before. I will tell you, readers, it was not just a dream. I really worked for the death world and saved two women, so that they did not have to become ghosts and come back to the living world. For Wenna or Wendy, Dee Dee or Dixie, just use your imagination to what judgments they received and what kind of lives they are going to have somewhere.



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