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Summer Bummer Review

​BravoArtist and Take This To Heart Records joined together to bring us ‘Summer Bummer,’ at Mahall’s in Lakewood, OH, on July 20.

‘Summer Bummer’ included an array of 16 artists from City Mouth to Elbowroom and bigger names such as Jetty Bones, Hot Mulligan and headliners, Homesafe.

The show was set up in 3 different places across the venue. This included the locker room, main room and apt. room. I was lucky enough to catch Hot Mulligan and Jetty Bones’ full sets.

Jetty Bones bounces around the small space of the stage as she belts her lyrics. JB has an infectious energy as she powers through tracks like “Clear Honey” and “No Lover.” Her banter between tracks are nurturing, making sure the crowd takes care of each other and their personal space.

After Jetty Bones came Hot Mulligan, from beginning to end the band exudes intensity. Playing through songs such as “All You Wanted By Michelle Branch” and their serene track, “Pluto Was Never Really A Planet Either.” The band also blew through “How Do You Know It’s Not Armadillo Shells?” with strength that make the audience feel lost in their performance. HM ends their set with vigorous track “Something About A Bunch Of Dead Dogs.”

‘Summer Bummer’ fest was a high-quality event, if you got the chance to attend it was the perfect end to the week. Hopefully attendees will get treated to an event like this next summer!

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