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SPRING into Summer Playlist

Songs to seamlessly carry you from this season into the next.

Written by Sophie Farrar

Find The Vindicator on Spotify @vindi_csu or listen to the playlist here!

It finally happened.

After months of enduring the brutal Cleveland winter weather and barely hanging on as cutting winds and icy air slice through your coat and you shiver on your way to the warm safety of the Innerlink, the first nice day in February has arrived. Almost miraculously, the sky has changed from its seemingly permanent shade of gray to a bright blue, and the wind has transformed from an aggressive attack into a peaceful breeze. Gone is the 30-degree weather of yesterday and embraced is the pleasant 60 degrees of today. Life seems worth living once again. You walk outside to class with a smile on your face and have hope for the day ahead of you. But one thing is missing: music. You’re in desperate need of the perfect soundtrack to match the spring in your step. 

Have no fear, your friendly campus arts & culture magazine is here with just the playlist you need. The Vindicator has crafted the essential spring-to-summer playlist to accompany your last few weeks of the semester. As the cold days are left behind and the warm days become more common, plug into Spotify and let our selected songs SPRING you into summer. 

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