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Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Inductions Coming Home

​As the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony closes in Brooklyn New York, an exciting announcement is coming to CLE. Going forward, the induction ceremony will return home to Cleveland every other year. Since 2009, the ceremony has cycled between three cities: New York, Los Angeles, and Cleveland. Following this announcement, the induction will only be held in either New York or Cleveland. In years past, it seemed that the events were moving away from Northeast Ohio, but with this news comes anticipation for greater prestige and national attention for the city by the lake.

In order to fund this bi-annual festival, Destination Cleveland has agreed to split the costs of hosting with the Rock Hall of Fame, providing a steady source of funds. The annual costs of playing host to the inductions is more than five million dollars, a big check for our relatively small city. However, it’s estimated that nearly $17 million dollars will come to CLE and the surrounding area each time the event comes home.

Becoming an increasingly regular host for the Hall of Fame inductions is a big step for the city as it hopes to gain a more national presence. This endeavor will be expensive, but it’s hard to put a price on bringing the inductions back into the capital of Rock n’ Roll. In 2018, the event will finally return to begin its new biannual cycle, continuing the trend of growth in Cleveland beyond the RNC into the city’s next chapter.



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