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Releases Making a Splash in Summer 2023

Find your fix for boredom this summer!

Written by Sophie Farrar

Summer is the perfect time to find your next favorite thing. From blockbusters to songs of the summer, the season has a history of being the prime time for artists to unveil their latest work for fans to fall in love with. Summer 2023 looks just as promising as its predecessors, with plenty of music, movies and shows slated to debut. Keep reading and discover your next obsession!


“The Album” by The Jonas Brothers

Release Date: May 12

Summary: “The Album” has been described by the brothers as having elements of 1970s pop and Americana, with inspiration pulled from the Bee Gees and the Doobie Brothers.

Why you should listen: Jo Bros fans have been waiting for the band’s second album back together for three years since they reunited in 2019 with their comeback album “Happiness Begins.” “The Album” introduces a new sound for the brothers and promises to be full of acoustic songs made for the summer.

“My Soft Machine” by Arlo Parks

Release Date: May 26

Summary: Park’s sophomore album has been described as a deeply personal body of work that centers on the artist’s experiences living through her 20s. Topics touched on include trauma, upbringing and vulnerabilityies, as well as how our worldviews are affected by what we experience.

Why you should listen: Park’s debut album, “Collapsed in Sunbeams,” was critically acclaimed — winning a Mercury Prize, as well as being nominated for multiple Brit Awards. “My Soft Machine” has been highly anticipated in the three years since Park’s previous release and should touch the hearts of the artist’s fellow Generation Z kids.

“Weedkiller” by Ashnikko

Release Date: June 2

Summary: The album’s concept has been described as a commentary on environmental disaster and the rapid evolution of technology, telling the story of “a fae civilization occupied and destroyed by machines that feed on organic matter where the faerie protagonist seeks revenge by becoming part machine,” according to the musician.

Why you should listen: Ashnikko’s sophomore album has been long awaited by fans of the artist and her viral hits such as “STUPID” and “Daisy.” “Weedkiller” will please fans of eclectic music by giving them something that is fun to listen to, while still having a deeper meaning.

“The Show” by Niall Horan

Release Date: June 9

Summary: Horan’s previous albums have been centered around telling a story and coinciding with the vibes of the season they were released in. “The Show” can be expected to consist of music perfect for sitting in the sun and relaxing this summer.

Why you should listen: Horan’s return to music has been three years in the making. Following the unfortunate release date of his sophomore album “Heartbreak Weather” on March 13, 2020 at the start of the pandemic, “The Show” promises listeners a well-worked album full of love.


“Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse”

Release Date: June 2

Summary: Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy travel through the Multiverse to save every universe of Spider-People from a new, foreboding villain. Along the way, they meet the protectors of the Multiverse, the Spider-Force, whom Miles disagrees with on how to handle the threat of disaster the villain brings.

Why you should watch: The movie’s predecessor, “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,” hit home with moviegoers because of the compelling way it introduced Miles Morales to Spider-Man and Marvel fans. Standing out among animated and superhero movies alike due to its unique comic book animation style, the movie quickly became beloved. Fans have been waiting impatiently for “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse” to finally be released since its announcement in 2020.


Release Date: June 16

Summary: A fiery young woman, Ember, and a free-flowing man, Wade, form an unexpected friendship in a city where fire, water, land and air residents live.

Why you should watch: Disney Pixar’s recent releases such as “Inside Out” and “Soul” have struck an emotional chord with movie viewers. Fans of hopeful movies that tug at your heartstrings will likely enjoy “Elemental.”


Release Date: July 21

Summary: Barbie embarks on a journey to the human world to find true happiness after being banned from Barbieland for being a unperfect doll.

Why you should watch: With Greta Gerwig directing and a star-studded cast consisting of Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling and Will Ferrell (just to name a few), “Barbie” is not only highly anticipated by film and Barbie fans alike, but also has the potential to become an instant classic.


Release Date: July 21

Summary: “Oppenheimer” tells the story of J. Robert Oppenheimer, the director of the Los Alamos Laboratory during the Manhattan Project and the creator of the atomic bomb.

Why you should watch: “Oppenheimer” promises to please film fans with Christoper Nolan directing and a cast of talented actors including Cillian Murphy and Florence Pugh, among many others.


“Queen of the Universe” Season Two

Release Date: June 2

Summary: Streaming on Paramount+, “Queen of the Universe” is a singing competition series where drag queens compete for $250,000 and the title of “Queen of the Universe.” Host Graham Norton is joined by returning judges Trixie Mattel, Michelle Visage and Vanessa Williams, as well as new judge Mel B in season two.

Why you should watch: If you are a fan of “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” drag performers and culture in general or simply like reality or competition shows, you will like “Queen of the Universe.” The first season had its share of heartwarming and comedic moments, and the series is meant to bring people together by connecting drag culture from around the world.

“The Eric Andre Show” Season Six

Release Date: June 4

Summary: Eric Andre returns for his sixth season of his surreal sketch comedy series on Adult Swim. The show finds Andre on the set of a talk-show with co-host Hannibal Burress, and consists of a mix of celebrity interviews, comedy sketches, musical performances and more.

Why you should watch: If you like comedy that leans on the darker side or consists of awkward scenarios, you will like “The Eric Andre Show.” If you aren’t a fan of either of those things, the show may not be a good fit for you, or it may just be the perfect opportunity to step outside of your box and find a new favorite comedian!

“The Bear” Season Two

Release Date: June TBA

Summary: Hulu’s “The Bear” is a comedy drama following chef Carmen Berzatto, as he comes home to Chicago and adjusts from the fine dining world he was a part of to the unruly and unkept state of his family’s sandwich shop that he takes over following his older brother’s suicide.

Why you should watch: The first season of “The Bear” was critically acclaimed for its directing and acting, winning Golden Globes and Critics’ Choice awards. Cast standouts include “Shameless” star Jeremy Allen White and “Big Mouth” star Ayo Edebiri in her breakout role following work in voice acting and comedy writing.

“Echo” Season One

Release Date: Summer TBA

Summary: Streaming on Disney+, “Echo” follows Marvel Comics character, Maya Lopez (Echo), as she returns home and reconciles with her past, Native American roots, family and community.

Why you should watch: “Echo” is essential viewing for fans of “Hawkeye” and for those who are keeping up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


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