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Random Poem

Written by Random Guy

Not out loud, but in silent tears

This heart does weep, absolving fears

Shunning past sins, praying for a future bright

Where darkness would wane under the onslaught of light

Where promises made are ensured and kept true

How my heart used to skip a beat, upon the mere sight of you

Not claiming a right or wanting something in return

Purged of the Earthly wanton desires, in these flames I shall burn

For no longer will your memories derive me of my sleep

And no longer shall your pictures be mine to keep

But ‘lo and behold, words shall help me heal

To face my demons and get me through this ordeal

For though I seek it, this love that’s not mine

Someday, I pray, that eventually in due time

May you find a person who loves you a lot more

Who makes you laugh, resonating from your inner core

Do not lament and do not fear

For such is my torment, but I’ll always be here

My heart may wane, but my love shall not rust

Even when ash turns to ash; and dust turns to dust

Dec. 14, 2014 | Archived



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