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Popular Gaming Apps of Quarantine

Written by Joscelyn Ervin // Illustrated by Asha McClendon

Gaming app suggestions to keep you busy in the coming cold months

Staying with our theme of finding fun activities to take up in the colder seasons of this year, revisiting and finding gaming apps that have become popular over quarantine might pique your interest. Some of these games are old favorites from years ago, while others are new and gaining popularity each day. Quite a few games became popular during quarantine, but the ones in this article are playable on mobile. For instance, “Animal Crossing” brought mass hysteria shortly after its release earlier this year. However, this was something that everyone was playing on the Switch, not their phones — even though the App Store has an “Animal Crossing” mobile app available. Some of the games that stand out are “Among Us”, “Subway Surfers” and “Minecraft”.

Among Us

“Among Us” was developed and published by InnerSloth. It’s gained traction over the past couple of months with teens and young adults. This game is a multiplayer social deduction game that is playable on phone or Windows computer. Similar to the games Secret Hitler and Mafia, during “Among Us” you’re assigned a character type, either “crewmate” or “impostor.” Crewmates must figure out who the impostor is before the impostor kills too many players. “Among Us” will keep you on your toes throughout each game session — and it’s extra fun to play with friends.

After the game starts, assigns you a role, crewmates must complete various tasks around the small map. Impostors, however, fake being a crewmate while they simultaneously attempt to kill other players and not get caught. When a crewmate finds a body — or if another player seems suspicious — players can call meetings to discuss what happened and if they want to vote anyone out. If the crewmates vote out the impostor(s), they win. If the impostor kills enough crewmates, or if they trick the crewmates into voting out other crewmates, the impostor wins.

The popularity of this game might stem from streamers and YouTubers that have started to play this game in large groups. Some of these creators include Markiplier, PewDiePie, Corpse and Toast. Like these streamers, you can either choose to play with random people or find friends to make your own game. Either way to play is interesting and fun almost every time.

"Popularity of this game might stem from streamers and YouTubers that have started to play this game in large groups."

Subway Surfers

An old favorite from years past, “Subway Surfers” is similar to “Temple Run”. It’s a phone app in which players try to survive for as long as they can while running down train tracks. Players can unlock characters, collect hoverboards, and beat challenges as they play. This game is seriously addicting for anyone wanting to keep their hands busy during the day. Along with all the challenges and collectables, each month features a new destination where new characters or boards are available for players to win by collecting certain talismans while they run.

“Subway Surfers” is definitely not a game to play with friends, but it’s a nice distraction. Players can keep trying to beat their high scores, try to finish all of the challenges and missions, or just collect as many characters and boards as they can — it’s a good way to pass time.


At the beginning of quarantine, another old favorite became popular again. “Minecraft” has been around for years now, and has trended several times, but it came back in a big way for a handful of months, earlier this year. If you’re unfamiliar, “Minecraft” is playable on phone, computer or gaming console — single or multiplayer — and returned in part due to streamers and YouTubers such as PewDiePie and Markiplier. While “Subway Surfers” and “Among Us” have strict formats and rules, “Minecraft” is more of an open-world, open-mind game in which the player can essentially build or do whatever they want in their own time.

While people such as PewDiePie typically play on their computers, many choose to play through the app and connect on shared worlds during quarantine. It was a great distraction when the pandemic started, and playing on a shared online “Minecraft” world with friends might be a fun way to spend your free time this winter.



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