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Meet Julie Loncar

Celebrate local women artists this month by visiting her gallery debut.

Written by Cara Robbins

Julie Loncar, a painter based in Cleveland, finds joy in the little things in life, especially in creating bold and bright abstract work. In her own words: 

“I see life in color. A lot of color.

I have synesthesia, which is a neuropsychological trait where the stimulation of one sense causes an automatic experience of another sense. Simply put, I see colors associated with numbers, letters and dates. After years of being asked by family and friends to describe what I see, I decided to use paint and canvas to show it. Each painting captures a playfulness and sense of curiosity through a variety of shapes, textures and illumination. From the months of the year to significant dates in my life, I simply paint the colors I see in it all. 

Alongside my abstract pieces, you can find paintings inspired by my hometown and travels, paying homage to the places and moments that hold dear nostalgia. 

I’m passionate about creating pieces that incite the imagination and honor significant personal experiences. I hope to inspire viewers to see the days of their lives as ones full of color and meaning, in a world that so often makes things black and white.”

Though Loncar has plenty of experience creating stunning chalk and paint murals, the heart of work is her oil paintings on canvas, which allows for a vibrant medium to fully encapsulate the vivid colors she’s so passionate about. 

Her most recent collection, “Rite of Passage,” is a love letter to her time living in downtown Cleveland. Featuring warm and impressionistic interpretations of some of Cleveland’s most notable street corners and hot spots, it’s easy to see why people like Loncar, who’ve lived in the city, love so dearly what others have called “The Mistake on the Lake.” 

Additionally, Loncar specializes in landscapes and portraits with a slight fantastical appeal to them. Massive forests with ethereal beams of light, expansive lakes with majestic rolling waves, and other breathtaking worlds can all be found in Loncar’s works. With lighthearted sentimentality and an approachable style that invites viewer intrigue, Loncar’s work offers something for everyone to love.

Loncar is publicly debuting her work at her first gallery, “Rite of Passage,” on March 9 from 2-4 p.m. at Hidden Secret Studios, located at 13000 Ave. in Lakewood. Admission is $15. 

Support local Cleveland artists during Women’s History Month by checking out Loncar’s invigorating take on modern art! You can learn more about her art and purchase gallery tickets on her website:


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