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Love Wins

My world changed a bit today. I can now get married like a normal-ish person right here in my hometown.

You see, this is a weird for me because, as a single, open-minded “man whore” I never gave marriage much thought… at least that’s what I would tell people. Oh, and by the way, I’m talking about the gay version of marriage. Ya know, the one that’s exactly like the regular old vanilla flavored marriage, but just super queer tasting and was illegal in many parts of the U.S. just last night. Well, anyways, I have been running away from the concept of a future marriage contract for quite some time. Today, June 26th, 2015, I am now faced with the very real possibility of getting married someday. With this confrontation, I realize just how much today means to me. Deep down, something that I’ve been trying to ignore for a while has come into the light. I have always wanted to be married. You see, when something as personal or precious as love is always out of your reach, you begin to belittle it, make fun of it, act like you don’t need it. I acted like monogamy was a big joke, a thing of the past. But now, today, what started as just a regular old day in my life, I am suddenly granted the right to a life partner. All the years of fighting away the need to fall in love are falling away. A whole new world is ahead of me - a future with the possibility of a loving family and husband right here where I grew up. I realize now that the only reason I was afraid of marriage was because it was something I thought I would never be allowed to pursue in the United States. Now, I’m free to enter the next phase of my love life, my sex life, my married life. I mean, right now, after waking up in bed with the guy I met last night, I don’t really want a life partner yet. I’ve got a lot more life, and a lot more men to “experience” before I’m ready for that. But, in this moment, it’s like a mountain has been moved off of my chest knowing that I am allowed to be married and someday I am free to fall in love to the fullest. It’s a good day America. Love wins!


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