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Letter From the Editor

Written by Tyisha Blade

The COVID-19 pandemic gives us fear. Uncertainty strikes us like an icy chill in winter’s heaven. Questions on whether or not we can sustain as a community commanded ideals that society considers intolerable. As global cries for help breach economic, social and health standards, we have implemented initiatives for the sick and needy that have spread across many countries. As a people, we are challenged by means of who we stand as individuals that fight to keep what we have intact. We as students are abruptly uprooted from our residence halls, classes, futures and lives. Can we stop? We must not. Therefore, The Vindicator is just one publication to which a coronavirus comeback is designated in Cleveland. To the graduating class of 2020, all is not lost. To our readers, continue to carry motivational tools throughout your collegiate journey. As a graduating senior, I do hope that you all find The Vindicator in your good spirits along with hope that encourages togetherness through a global pandemic. In this issue, you will find stories on post-graduation, book reviews, environmental safety, alcohol awareness, East Cleveland’s art museum and more. Please take care and enjoy.


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