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Keeping Fall Alive During COVID-19

Written by Joscelyn Ervin // Photographed by Miranda Tulcewicz

Although COVID-19 has barred us from enjoying many of life’s joys, don’t let it bar you from enjoying your fall plans! Northeast Ohio still offers plenty of fun to be had — though some of it will still be in your own home.

This year has been riddled with uncertainty, but don’t let that ruin your fall fun. Fall is brimming with irresistible qualities; the crisp air, changing colors, pumpkins and spooky atmosphere can’t be beat! Two of fall’s best traits, however, are exploring nature with family and friends and finding festivals both new and old to visit throughout the season. Since the pandemic has canceled many events, we decided to put together a list of activities you can do to celebrate Fall this year.

Visit a Farm for a Fall Festival (yes, these are open — don’t forget a mask!)

Honey Haven Farms

(Sep. 29-Oct. 28)

Honey Haven Farms, located in Ashland, has been celebrating the season with a fall festival for over 20 years. Similar to some of the other farms on this list, Honey Haven takes great pride in their elaborate, decorative corn-maze design every year. They offer activities for the whole family, including: a backyard zoo, wagon rides, pumpkin picking, and tasty treats in their country store. All of these activities are included in their FREE admission (though some specific activities, like the pumpkin picking, are available at low prices that can be found on their website).

Red Wagon Farm (Pumpkin Festival)

(open through Oct. 31)

What sounds more fun than going to a Pumpkin Festival this fall? Red Wagon Farm is located in Columbia Station. General admission is $10 per person, and you can find a plethora of pumpkins. Admission includes wagon rides, giant Jenga, straw jump, and a large, five-acre corn maze. Along with even more attractions and activities, starting in October, Red Wagon encourages guests to show up in costumes while they host trick or treat nights for kids on Fridays.

Mapleside Farms

(currently open)

Located in Brunswick, Mapleside Farms has several activities planned for the Fall season. This list includes some activities from years past but one new event as well. Returning for another year is Mapleside’s Pumpkin Village — which boasts over 20 attractions to enjoy throughout the day. This includes a hay ride, a super slide, goats, two giant jump pillows and more. Mapleside also takes it up a notch with the fall festivities by having a different theme for every weekend. Tickets for this event range from $12 to $14 per person.

Ramseyer Farms

(open through Oct. 31)

Ramseyer Farms is one of my favorite places to visit during Fall. This farm is located in Wooster. Similar to Honey Haven, Ramseyer draws in large crowds for their elaborate maze designs. Unlike Honey Haven, though, this farm manages to design a total of three fantastic mazes every year that vary in size and difficulty. Tickets are available for several different prices, depending on when you plan to go — Tuesday through Thursday is $10 per person, Friday through Sunday is $13 per person, and season passes are $39 per person.

Take a Day Trip for Some Fall Scenery

Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad

(opens Oct. 1)

Ready for some nice fall scenery but don’t feel like walking around all those farm festivals?. Resuming on October 1, the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad will take rides on the Fall Flyer locomotive. During the ride, you’ll get to see the changing leaves, eagles nests, historical landmarks, and the Cuyahoga River. This 2-hour adventure costs between $14 to $28, depending on seats, and can be boarded in either Akron or Rockside stations.

Ohio State Reformatory

(currently open)

This old tourist attraction can be found in Mansfield and is well-known for its paranormal activity. If you’re from Ohio, chances are you’ve heard of the reformatory, or OSR. It has a long, violent history — which makes it the perfect place to visit if you want to get the creeps this fall. Although it’s open year-round, and tickets can be found on their website for daylight tours, OSR also boasts one of the scariest Halloween tours in Ohio. During the fall season, you can also take a haunted tour at night. Information about haunted tours and daylight hours can be found on their website. Make sure to check Groupon for discounted tickets!

Visit an Apple Orchard

Apple orchards have been one of the best fall locations to frequent before COVID-19 — and that hasn’t changed. Finding your local orchard is a piece of cake in Ohio, since there’s so many to choose from. In the linked article, written by Cleveland Scene, they go into detail about 15 apple orchards that you should visit near Cleveland. However, do check to make sure it is open before you go — this article was written before COVID-19, so hours or admission details may have changed.

"Fall is brimming with irresistible qualities; the crisp air, changing colors, pumpkins and spooky atmosphere can’t be beat!"

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