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Just Another Overseer

​I ask everyone to join along with me and close your eyes; shut them tightly so that the only thing you can see is darkness staring right back at you. Now envision this, a little boy playing in the park, swinging, with his toy gun, an Airsoft replica to be exact, the ones they sell in stores right next to the aisle with the hoola hoops. Picture that little boy walking back and forth, talking on his phone without a single care in the world. Envision a police officer pulling up and instantly shooting the little child in his back within two seconds of arriving to the scene. Imagine that little boy lying on the ground without ever receiving aid from the officers who shot him. Now open your eyes. That boy, that precious little boy will never return home ever to lay a dirty mark on his mother's white carpet. That boy will never hear his mother yell to come and pick up his dirty socks. Why? Because that little boy, that little black boy, was mistaken as a criminal. A savage. A thug. Less than human, all because he had a toy gun. Today I am here to prove why depressing murders like this one happens in this "free" land of America. Before I continue on, I must make my target as clear as possible. I do not hate white people and I would never single out anyone who has done no harm. But I do hate the actions of slaughtering my own kind, and will single out anyone who has committed a lynching.

To understand completely why the number of black souls being killed by those with a badge proliferates immensely by the hour, we must visit a mentality of an officer’s ancestors. Father than Jim Crow, farther than the Ku Klux Klan, we must wander into the mindset of an overseer. Now, you see an overseer, was typically a white male who would beat and perform other brutal forms of torture deemed necessary if the slaves weren't considered to be "efficient" enough in keeping up with the productivity of the plantation. Just envision the sadistic, masochistic mindset this overseer must have possessed. Now, compare this to an officer of today who watches over the community, and uses excessive force to protect property and productivity. Now ask yourself what is the difference between an overseer and an officer. They sound almost identical, absolutely not a coincidence. It’s getting pretty hard to distinguish the two, besides the way the police have disguised themselves through militarization. An overseer and officer both have beaten and killed blacks who they thought were in the wrong.

The officers I'm targeting allegedly protect our freedom. Well, what does freedom look like in the United States of America? I have seen what freedom looks like in my homeland, Cleveland, Ohio. If freedom resembles a 22 mile, 60 car police chase ending with 137 bullet fired into an unarmed car all because of an exhaust backfiring, while those who lynch walk free, then we welcome you to the free land of America. We MUST swear in officers who possess the mindset of wanting to truly serve and not those who seek a position of power. We MUST seek for justice when injustice is leading the way. We MUST take initiative into solving these issues with police murder because complicity is just as dangerous as holding the murder weapon itself.

​In the words of Marcus Garvey, “You may kill a lion, but what do you do with the cubs?” So think of this, you may kill off slavery and no longer call one an overseer, but what do you do with the mindset the overseer possessed? Now when I try to "sympathize" and look at these murders through the mindset of a specific police officer, it forces me to look at tracing all the way back to its ancestors. I look at it through the mindset of one who tied my ancestors to a tree and ripped the flesh from their backs, and I look at it through the mindset of one who wants to have more little black boys blood spread out on the pavement all because of a toy gun. And now that I’m looking through the vision of an officer, I see it ever so clearly, that this officer is not an officer, just another overseer. Thank you.

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