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Internet In the Know #1 - Round.IO

​ If you spend as much time on the internet as I do, then sites like Facebook, Instagram (yes I’m one of the three people on earth who use the browser version), Twitter, Tumblr, etc. get a little vapid. Have no fear though because hopefully every week I’m going to come at you with a brand new internet experience!

This week’s featured site is just a helpful extension of the sites you already know and love. The idea behind Round.IO is pretty basic. All you have to do is type in a location into the search bar and the magic happens. The aforementioned magic is that the site pulls of feeds of different social networks including, Flickr, Instagram, and YouTube based on location. You can also change the radius of distance if you’re not happy with the amount of results you’re getting. This is a powerful tool for the average person, travelers, and content creators alike.

For the average person, this site is an interesting change of pace from their normal Instagram feed. Any account that is not private and has location tagged will show up. This may prompt you to find new people to follow in your area as well as in places that interest you. The discovery feature on Instagram is questionable at best. So this can be a great option to expand your followers within a community. For the average user, this site works best in smaller communities or in large communities when you bring the distance down to just the area you live. This is because in larger areas you can get overwhelmed with the results as well as them becoming somewhat spammy. The Instagram results this service provides makes it worthwhile for the average user without question.


This site also becomes extremely interesting when you are planning on traveling somewhere. You can get the real story in pictures not only from Instagram but pictures people have taken on flickr as well. This is a nice way to get a different perspective from the stock photos you would be fed on travel sites. You may even be able to find out what some of the most interesting attractions and locations to check out are. The ability to gauge real people’s experiences and knowledge makes this simple site a powerful tool for travelers.

Finally, if you’re a content creator, like myself, this site can give you some serious insight into what other photographers, videographers, and just interesting people are creating around you. It also shows the importance of taking advantage of geotagging on the sites this service features. You never know how someone is going to come across your work so you want to leave as many options open as possible. You can also see how active others are when it comes to tagging and see if your work shows up on the search once you do tag the location if you haven’t already tagged the location on your content. Checking out the competition in your area is never a bad thing.

So be sure check out Round.IO! Spicing up your social media experience is never a bad practice. It will be interesting to see what people do with the raw data we can amalgamate from internet and this site is a step in that direction. Until we meet again, I’ll keep an eye out for other sites and online experiences that are worth your time!



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