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Euphoria: A Show Full of Drugs, Drama, and Plot Holes

Do you remember these abandoned “Euphoria” plotlines?

Written by: Sophie Farrar

HBO’s original series “Euphoria” is a wildly popular show which has captured the attention of young people everywhere. The show has catalyzed wide-ranging conversations online for its extravagant makeup looks, impressive acting performances and cinematography, but it has also been subject to much criticism among viewers. Season two’s finale premiered Sunday, Feb. 27, and left viewers asking for more, as many plotlines were left unfinished and seemingly forgotten. How many of these “Euphoria” plot holes do you remember?

1. The Jacobs’ Third Son

Many fans have pointed out the third son shown in the family photo in the Jacobs’ home. Throughout the series, the only Jacobs sons mentioned are Nate and his older brother Aaron. Despite this, the family portrait hung on the wall shows parents Cal and Marsha with three young boys seated in front of them. The photo is featured in episodes from both seasons, yet the third son is never addressed. If there isn’t a third son, then why feature this image repeatedly? Will we ever get an answer to the identity of the third Jacobs son?

2. Where did McKay go?

While the rest of the “Euphoria” main characters go to high school together, McKay is in college. Initially, this seems like a valid excuse for his literal disappearance following the first episode of season two, but that doesn’t necessarily make sense considering his role in season one. Season one established McKay as one of the main characters of the show, with him being the main focus of the series’ opening scene, but his storyline remains incomplete by the end of season two.

McKay and Cassie date throughout season one, until McKay gets Cassie pregnant following a brutal hazing from a fraternity brother. The couple breaks up, Cassie gets an abortion and none of it is ever mentioned again. Cassie beginning to date Nate, her best friend Maddy’s ex-boyfriend, is a significant plotline in season two. McKay is supposedly Nate’s best friend, but his dating Cassie is never brought up as a plotline in that way. What happened to McKay? Will we hear from him again? What does he think about his “best friend” dating his ex-girlfriend?

3. Why did Samantha place a camera in her closet?

Maddy begins season two enjoying her new job babysitting Theo, the

son of a wealthy couple. Maddy’s favorite part of her job is when she indulges in trying on the extravagant outfits owned by Samantha, Theo’s mom. In episode six of season two, Maddy is shown in her typical routine of trying on Samantha’s clothes. What is not so typical is the digital clock shown in the closet with a hidden camera lens in it. Presumably, the clock was featured to lead into some kind of other plotline. If anything, it reveals that Samantha most likely knows of Maddy’s habit of going through her closet. And yet, the clock camera is never brought up. Following this scene Maddy and Samantha even have a heart-to-heart in the family’s pool, and Maddy’s private fashion shows are not the subject of conversation. The only slight reference to the camera in the closet is in the next episode, when the dress Maddy was wearing in the scene was gifted to her by Samantha as a parting gift. What were Samantha’s intentions in hiding the camera in the closet? Why was it there, and why was it hidden so carefully?

4. Kat Hernandez: From Girlboss Cam Girl to Simple Sidekick

During season one, Kat secretly starts making money and gaining confidence by becoming a cam girl under the alias “KittenKween.” Kat is pretty insecure about her feelings and her body, and by delving into this world she finds confidence and power. We see essentially none of this in the latest season of the show, besides an oddly placed dance scene during episode seven. We can assume that Kat quit her side hustle because she was in a relationship with Ethan, but this is never confirmed. Kat is actually barely in the second season at all. It is rumored that because of a behind-the-scenes disagreement with the show creator, Sam Levinson, and Kat’s actress, Barbie Ferreira, many of Kat’s season two scenes were cut. Fans enjoyed Kat’s boldness and were sad to see her turn into Maddy’s sidekick this season.

5. Rue Screwed Over a Drug Dealer and Faced No Consequences

Perhaps the biggest plot hole of season two has to do with the main character herself. The central plotline of season two deals with Rue’s drug relapse and recovery. Rue turns to desperate measures to get her hands on drugs once Fez refuses to deal them to her anymore. She does so by going behind Fez’s back to his boss Laurie and proposing a plan for herself and her friends to sell drugs for Laurie. Laurie takes advantage of Rue (knowing that she is a vulnerable addict) and gives her a $10k case of drugs to sell. Two episodes later, the drugs are flushed when Rue’s friends Jules and Elliot tell Rue’s mom Leslie that Rue is using again. Rue has a couple reasons to panic when she finds out the drugs are flushed. For one, she has lost her large supply of drugs from which she had been using. She is also concerned because Laurie threatened her while giving her the case, saying: “Rue, if you screw me, I’ll have you kidnapped and sold to some real sick people. I always find a way to make my money back. I’m serious.”

After the confrontation with her family, Jules, and Elliot, Rue flees her house and runs all over town, eventually ending up at Laurie’s. She has stolen some jewelry and money in an attempt to partially pay off the case, to no avail. Going through withdrawal, Rue ends up agreeing to be given morphine by Laurie, and wakes up the next morning locked in the dealer’s home. Miraculously, Rue escapes the home and the terrifying fate that probably awaited her, and Laurie and the flushed case are not mentioned again. The rest of the season focuses on a sober Rue on-track to recovery. Will Laurie make an appearance in season three? Will Rue face actual consequences? Or will she just continue to recover while this plotline remains forgotten?

On Feb. 4, it was announced via the “Euphoria” Instagram account that the show would return for a third season. “Euphoria” is currently HBO’s most popular show and garnered an average of 16.3 million viewers for its second season, almost 10 million more than the 6.6 million that tuned in for season one. At this rate, the show can be expected to draw in even more viewers for its next season. “Euphoria” fans hope that these plot lines are remembered and resolved in season three, which is projected to air as early as 2023. Until then, fans will continue to rewatch the prior seasons in anticipation.


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