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enough. [for freddie gray & the city of baltimore]


what is enough?

the scene: a black boy, a cop, two cops, dirty cops, some call them pigs & a cop van near a broken corner in a black ghetto in this place we call america. some people say you can smell the ghetto. some people believe you can smell a pig from down the block. but something smells like a rat in baltimore, maryland on the killing of freddie gray.

was it enough that his legs were limp as he was cornered? was it enough that he was dragged to a cop van in a parking lot in his shriek?

what is enough?

reports say freddie had a switchblade and a record. reports say %80 of his spine was severed from the neck. reports say he was arrested without a fight. reports say a pig lies in the dirt. & reports say black death is never known by fact.

what is enough?

it was april 12th. freddie gray died in a baltimore trauma center on april 19th.

ferguson is everywhere. even in the comatose eyes of a 25 year old black man who stayed under & alive for a week, like a seven day theory.

the streets of baltimore stage an uprising. an uprising. violence in the form of an uprising of violent means and violent ends is all america is bound to respect. cops pick up rocks to throw at protesters. protesters swarm with rocks in hand. cops suited in riot gear with shields retreat behind cars where it is safe for cops.

peaceful protest is no more. america waited for february & march and america was calm with the flood of black faces in the streets no longer on america’s television sets. america is an assumption. & the powers that be were satisfied but the people will not be satisfied. the people will not be quieted. by cnn or msnbc or the plain dealer. the people will fight. they have nothing to lose but their chains.

the people of baltimore will not wait for the results of a grand jury. they will hold hands & they will sing songs & they will chant together. but there will be burnt cornerstores & demolished cash checking businesses. there will be fire scourged to the leeches that suck the ghetto dry.

& there will be an occupying army in the streets of america. this army will be exposed for its cowardice. no more do they serve. no more do they protect. no more will they look in the eyes of young black men without the recognition of their guilt.

what is enough?

i live in peace but do not conflict myself to allow violence to have its place on this earth. mike brown resting in a st. louis cemetery & tamir rice in cleveland while the city remains quiet.

what is enough?

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