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Editor's Letter: To Be a Viking

Spring 2022 Issue

Written by Eric Seitz

College is a lot of things to a lot of people. It’s a way to earn a degree, of course. An avenue of learning. To take it further, college is how people make career connections — how they learn to implement practicable skills.

For me, it was all those things, but also so much more. In the Campus Activities Board, I found a group of people who shared an infectious passion for planning events that bring the campus community together.

In graphic design classes, I found professors who cared about me as more than just a student learning a curriculum, but as a human learning life skills.

Across campus, I met people from walks of life that I had never been exposed to before. It wasn’t until late in my time at CSU that I realized what it truly means to be a Viking: the Cleveland State community is a diverse, evolving, dynamic community. To call yourself a Viking is to be whatever you want to be, while supporting others in whatever kind of Viking they choose to be.

In The Vindicator, I met innovative writers, designers, photographers, and editors from majors all around the university, all driven to tell the stories that they wanted to hear.

In this issue, social editor Cara Robbins explores and discovers war stories from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Graduating senior and features editor Lauren Koleszar interviews seniors graduating from the film school. In our cover story for this special April Fool’s Day-themed issue, longtime contributor Cameron Mays delivers a satirical essay recounting his experience taking a workout class this semester.

As I look forward to graduation, I reflect back on my time at The Vindicator. To every single person who had a hand in getting our issues into the community’s hands, thank you so much. I sincerely appreciate every editor, writer, designer and photographer for all their hard work this year. And to everyone who has read our issues this year, we couldn’t do this without you! I hope you enjoy this final issue of the year. It’s a good one — I promise.


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