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Coffee Shop Atmospherics

The importance of coffee shop atmospheres and a few of my favorite ones in Cleveland

Written by Jillian VanDyke

Creating an ideal atmosphere for customers requires focusing on six key factors:

Design: The overall layout of the space allows whoever is wandering on through to feel a sense of comfort with how they navigate the space. Feeling comfortable knowing what to expect is important. The shop’s brand identity must also be apparent.

Layout and Fixtures: The placement and texture of countertops affects the customers’ experience of grabbing their drink, while the furniture provides comfort for customers who will be in the space for hours.

Lighting: The overall brightness of the space differentiates a lot of places from each other. Some depend on huge windows while others want a dim moody effect. There is no right or wrong especially when it comes to this rule, because different spaces have different goals.

Sound: Whether it be the morning news, a coffee vibes playlist, or even live acoustic music, every space is different. The irony is a lot of people end up wearing headphones in any way, but the ambience involves more than just music. The grinding of beans, clinking of cups, and every other detail all play a role in the sense of hearing in the space.

Scent: The luring scent of fresh espresso grounds or a scone in the oven helps the customer to decide what tone they want to set for their visit. The difference between cold brew and a hot latte day is all the difference and is often made by the whiff of what I smell when I walk in the door.

Human Interaction: Such an important staff that is a part of our society is a barista. The interaction they are able to have with someone before they have their coffee makes all the difference and truly sets the tone for the rest of their experience.

Lekko Coffee - Hingetown

An upscale taste of interior design with minimal features. Someone who loves neutral tones and the combat of light blues and pink is sure to find this spot appealing.

Rising Star - Hingetown

Newly renovated made for a space more inviting for those who want to come and stay a while. The cushioned green chairs and high ceilings make a small space feel so much larger.

Rising Star - Tremont

This new location had opened in October of 2021, filling a loft’s space entryway. The elegant tile on the countertops, as well as the hidden nooks and conference room, make for perfect spots for a variety of occasions.

Coffee Coffee Coffee - Old Brooklyn

A wonderful spot for any lover of eclectic style, cold brew and plants galore. This space is attentive to color and maximalism. Colorful books and chunks of mirror fill the walls next to you.

Goodkind Coffee - Lakewood

A classic design with earth tones and marble tables that you can place your glass or mug upon. The oak bar and film photos filling the walls make you feel like you are escaping Cleveland on your morning coffee trip.

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