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Another Impersonal Open Letter: A Million Things a Fed Up Aspiring Journalist is Finally Telling You

Dear Creative Writing World and Supportive Readers,

I feel as if this is the elephant in the room. Journalism is becoming a lost art. We have

the world at our fingertips and we are confined to writing abstract lists and open

letters to appeal to the masses.

Journalists: We all read, soak in, and spread like the plague whilst not

acknowledging what we are doing to ourselves.

PLOT TWIST: Story time. Get your readers on cause this is not a list and skim you

can share and retweet in five minutes.

Actually continues to read further

Ready for deja vu?

You shuffle with your eyes half open to find the screaming siren in your ear. You

wake up, finally shutting your cell alarm off after the three snoozes you’ve been

flirting with the past half hour. When I say you wake up, you spend the first 15

minutes post slumber squinting at your bright screen.

Checking to make sure you didn’t miss anything the short five hours you actually

spent sleeping, cause let’s get real here you were up late drunk tweeting, to see what

clever statements you could have liked or re-shared that were posted at four a.m.

You’re already behind schedule; still needing to shower, grab something to eat, and

make the twenty-minute commute to work. “10 Reasons Being Single in Your

Twenties is Okay” pops up and you have to read it; running into your bathroom door

and stubbing your toe with your eyes still glued to your rectangular screen. As you

like and re-share, cause obvi this is just so accurate, you forget to grab your toast out

of the toaster on your way out of the door.

On your way to work you almost rear end an elderly person going ten miles under

the speed limit cause you were reading a tagged post on your Facebook wall from

your bff Jenny titled “An Open Letter to My Blond Bestie.” Hashtag bff goals. Like

how cute of her to think of you and how accurate right?

You mosey on at work, exhausted because you were already late so you didn’t get

your five shot espresso this morning. You finally make it to lunch break, and

wanting to kill some time and you heard about a sale on your favorite online web

store so you cave and add things into the virtual shopping cart. Nearing checkout

there’s a photo link of “What Your Ex Didn’t Tell You About Your Relationship”-


Are you catching my drift yet

It seems that every time I go online whether it be Facebook, Twitter, a random

website with promotional links on the sidebar, etc. there’s a photo with a link with

“An Open Letter To”, “Five Reasons..”, “What blah blah Didn’t Tell You About blah


I know what you’re thinking, ”this girl is just jealous and she’s being terribly

cynical.” I do recognize and realize that some of these pieces are cool to read. I admit

to reading them myself, obviously, or I would have left out the entire beginning of

this article and would have ranted at my audience the whole time instead.

My point is not that these articles are bogus, because sure, maybe every blond does

need a brunette best friend, maybe there are some weird things your ex never told

you, and maybe being single in your twenties is okay. And just like anything else in

the entire world, there will always be literature you can identify with to make you

feel better about your life and what you are going through. That is typically what

these posts and works are geared for.

My point is also not that it is terrible that we are spending time producing these, nor

spending time reading these. I am disappointed in the absence of creative

journalism, inspired souls passionate about anything and everything.

I appreciate all types of journalists as well as all aspects of journalism. To each his

own, of course. Their stories are all unique, whereas we all have different stories

and different drivers. I’m just losing my spark. I suppose I can only speak for myself,

but reading others’ work is genuinely inspiring and motivating. It is incredibly

exhausting to weed out all of these articles flooded on mainstream media sites and

the sites I used to enjoy reading articles and blog posts from everyday.

Ultimately I feel as if the vast majority of journalists are succumbing

themselves to a strategy that will make them visible, instead of making their

passions and everything they stand for visible.

I feel as if many journalists are relating their successes as a writer to how many re-

shares they can get now-and it’s clear and brainless on how to do that. Appeal to the

masses. Producing these types of articles are usually broad, and purposely intended

to relate to most anyone. So someone re-sharing and slapping hashtag YAS THIS> on

it is now shaping journalism. The easy way to being read. (I understandably see this

as a social media problem as well, not solely the content). Things can go viral in a

day with the power of the media, but that is an entirely different subject I’m sure

you’ll hear me bitch about in due time.

Sequentially, I am using this as a cry out. WE CAN DO BETTER. Individuals don’t

dream of being a writer so they can be confined to making these impersonal lists

and open letters. Writers want to be writers because they love to WRITE, and they

have a MESSAGE.

I just want MORE. I want to read about everyone’s dreams, aspirations, where they

are and how they got there.

I want to read about what you hate about society and how you wish to change it,

what you’ll do to change it and what you love about it right now. It’s easy to be on

autopilot and to do what you have to do to get to where you think you need to be.

It’s clever to watch and duplicate what you think is working. But give me more.

Be bat shit passionate and give your all into your work. Be biased, be scared, read,

learn, explore. This industry can be beautiful and we have the power to make media

great. I’m a baby in this industry and I want to change the world. Give me something

to look up to. Where are all of the Nellie Bly’s of the millennial journalists?



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