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Why Go Green: The Health of the Country & of the Planet

Green as the planet and not green as the dollar bill: here you can find the strength of the Green party alternative to the standing 2-party system of government. Green as the grass and green as grassroots organizing: Jill Stein's bid for president as the Green party candidate is an exercise in political resistance. The feasibility of her campaign to shake things up for the status quo and its supporters in 2016 is stronger than ever. As her slogan reads of the movement that is steadily building across the country: “A New Society, A New Economy, #ItsInOurHands

Greens stage a revolution: of nonviolent & ecological means to bring about substantial change in the United States of America. Greens can be defined as a party of common sense and a party of the people. The party stands alone as the only party in American politics that is not poisoned by corporate funding. This fact assures the party is not swayed nor controlled nor bought nor sold by corporate powers, as is true of the 2-party system by which the country currently abides, policy sold to the highest bidder.

Jill Stein's campaign has put forth a Power to the People Plan. The plan includes many simple and honest yet radically strong points. First, A Green New Deal: this includes transitioning the country to renewable energy by 2030 to avert climate catastrophe. Second, make jobs & employment with a living-wage a right for all Americans who need work. Next, end poverty in all reaches of the country, by guaranteeing access to food, water and shelter for all of the poor. Make healthcare and education fundamental human rights. Greens seek to end police brutality and mass incarceration; and put an end to institutional racism while expanding women's rights and LGBT rights. Finally, Greens propose to protect Mother Earth and defend indigenous rights to land in America.

Liberal and unafraid to be so Greens comprise more than an alternative to the Democratic Party. Here many have come to the conclusion that only by stepping out of the 2-party establishment will their voice be heard and their vote matter. In the Green Party, you will find approachable, intelligent rhetoric that is coupled with an enthusiasm to heal Mother Earth. The spirit of the underdog and the long shot, green is radical by the establishment's definition. Truth and compassion may be radical to those in tune with destruction and prejudice. Go Green and read up, an entire planet is counting on you!

This piece is the first installment of a blog series about what our writers' political views mean. Check out others here!


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