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TikTok's Best Halloween Costumes

Written by Megan Baranuk // Photographed by Photog's Name [or Illustrated by/Photos Courtesy of/etc]

A look at some of TikTok’s best costume recommendations.

This year, Halloween may look a little different, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up! TikTok has become a hub of so many new ideas that college students can recreate easily. Some of the most popular Halloween costumes are inspired by popular TV series, such as “Euphoria,” or channel nostalgic vibes, such as the Scooby gang. Exploring these costumes is a great way to get your creativity flowing and experiment with new looks. Let’s take a closer look at some of TikTok’s most popular costume ideas:


When it comes to recreating “Euphoria” looks, for Halloween the buzz words are: fluorescent colors, shine, rhinestones and LOTS of glitter! To recreate these looks, you’ll need adhesive glitter studs/strips, neon/bright eyeshadow and/or eyeliners and glitter. To achieve an “Euphoria”-inspired look, don’t be afraid to experiment and stretch the limits of your creativity. After transforming your eyelids into a neon, glittery masterpiece, outline them with rhinestones — or simply stick the glitter studs in a way that you like!

Eleven and Max (Stranger Things)

For this costume, get ready to show out in your best nostalgic gear. To emulate Max, all you will need are mom jeans or mom shorts (any baggy, lightly washed denim will do!) and a horizontal-striped shirt. Wear Vans with ankle-rise socks, and top it all off with a pair of red sunglasses perched on top of your head. Carry a skateboard with you for bonus points! To emulate Eleven, find a fun graphic printed button-down, and shorts. Put your hair into a half-up half-down hairstyle, secured with a scrunchie. Wear white shoes with ankle socks, and have fun!

Leia and Rey (Star Wars)

Leia and Rey serve as another iconic pop-culture duo to inspire your next Halloween costume. To dress as Leia, start with space buns. A long white dress and white knee high boots are must for the legendary Resistance general. Don’t forget a brown belt to cinch at the waist. For Rey, break out gray, knee-length leggings, put on a beige T-shirt, and wrap a long beige scarf or sheet around your body until you look like a scavenger from the planet of Jakku. Put your hair into two or three vertical buns, wear your brown boots, and make sure to put on a brown belt! These costumes are bound to be stellar.

The Powerpuff Girls

If you’re looking for the perfect trio costume, look no further! The Powerpuff Girls provide the perfect amount of creativity and fashion. When recreating the trio’s looks, you can take many routes. To recreate Bubbles, opt for a pale blue top and skirt, or simply a blue dress. Lacy white ankle socks and black Mary Janes will complete the look, along with pigtails. For Blossom, wear a pink skirt and top, or simply a pink dress. To recreate Buttercup (the green PowerPuff Girl), opt for a green tutu and top, or a green dress. Wear your hair down, and pair with a green barrette. Similarly, wear Mary Janes with lacy ankle socks. Don’t forget an attitude!

Pulp Fiction

For this costume, grab a friend so the two of you can dress as Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega. To dress as Mia Wallace, wear a short black wig with bangs; and secure a white long-sleeve button-down. You can opt to button this up or leave it unbuttoned with a black bra or bralette underneath. Pair with black leggings or jeans and gold flats. Use fake blood or lipstick to create a bloody nose, and don’t forget the red lip. For Vincent, wear a white button-down, with a black suit coat/jacket over it and black dress pants or slacks. Don’t forget your black dress shoes, and both of you should sport a cigarette (for prop usage only!). Of course, make sure to watch the dance scene from “Pulp Fiction” to get those moves just right. Alternately, you can also dress as the dynamic duo — Vincent and Jules. Just double Vincent’s costume, and add thin black ties.

Mean Girls

To dress as the classic 2000s iconic trio, pink is definitely the main color to focus on. For Regina George, start with a white tank top; and pair with a hot pink cardigan. Wear a black mini skirt for the bottom, and sport your snarkiest attitude. For the Gretchen of the group, style your hair as voluminously as possible, wear a plaid skirt, and don a pink sweater. Don’t forget to put all your secrets in your hair. For Karen, straighten your hair, arrange rhinestones into a backwards K on your chest, and pair a pale pink sweater with a pale pink skirt. You’ll be predicting the weather all night!

Have fun this Halloween, but most importantly, be safe!


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