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Sounds of Summer

Want to get to know the new leaders of the Vindi? Read on to hear their favorite albums of the summer, you might just find your next album obsession.

Written by Abigail Jarvis

“Lemonade” by Beyonce

Editor-in-Chief: Cara Robbins

Why: Beyonce dropping a new album this summer meant I just had to visit some of the old classics — and something about “Lemonade” makes it simultaneously so timeless and fresh to listen to.

“Inside (Deluxe)” by Bo Burnham

Managing Editor: Megan Mullaly

Why: I loved Bo Burnham’s “Inside” and listened to the album on repeat during the summer of 2021. He released “Inside (Deluxe)” last spring and my brother and I had the bonus tracks on repeat all summer. Now I find myself humming “Microwave Popcorn” every time I’m making popcorn.

“My Agenda (Deluxe)” by Dorian Electra

Copy Editor: Lynn Nichols

Why: Electra satirizes gender roles, Internet subcultures and right-wing conspiracy theories in their second, provocative hyperpop album. The 2021 deluxe version features high-energy remixes and collabs, along with a return to the gender-fluid artist's over-the-top aesthetic and sound.

“Juno” by Remi Wolf

Online Content Editor: Abigail Preiszig

Why: Self described “funky soul pop” artist Remi Wolf has scratched every itch in my brain this summer with her layered upbeat music and powerful voice. “Juno,” named after her dog, is Wolf’s most recent album and it's quite addictive. Listen at your own risk.

“The Battle at Garden’s Gate” by Greta Van Fleet

Arts Editor: Sheila Kiss

Why: Greta Van Fleet brings a modern take on classic Rock and Roll music. Their music has given me a new appreciation for the classic oldies. Highly recommended for an instant mood boost.

“Un Verano Sin Ti” by Bad Bunny

Culture Editor: Cael Shaw

Why: Latin American music always has been, and always will be among my favorite music genres. This album got me through all of my heavy lifting workouts, countless lifeguard shifts, late night dance parties and more!

“Folklore” by Taylor Swift

Features Editor: Emma Smallwood

Why: The summer album to end all summer albums. Taylor’s poetic lyrics combined with her ethereal voice are the perfect backdrop to any summer occasion

“Harry’s House” by Harry Styles

Fashion & Wellness Editor: Sophie Farrar

Why: In my personal opinion, Harry’s best album yet. It was the perfect soundtrack for driving to work in the morning, laying out in the sun and literally anything else I did this past summer.

“Surrender” by Maggie Rogers

Social Section Editor: Abigail Jarvis

Why: Rogers creates a euphoric sense of freedom through comforting melodies, heart holding lyrics, rebellious femininity, and what she calls “feral joy.” In a time of crisis, it is a revolution to prioritize happiness!

“Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers” by Kendrick Lamar

Art Director: Katie Justiniani

Why: Dropped this summer, this album has so many personal stories of the gangster that is Kendrick Lamar. Following him for many years and hearing these intimate stories of the darker parts of Lamar’s life. This album felt incredibly sentimental to me as Lamar touches on topics like minorities, LGBTQIA communities, old trauma and most of all, triumph through hardships. Kendrick once again created an album that leaves fans sobbing and dancing.

“Joy as an Act of Resistance” by IDLES

Assistant Art Director: Jakob Roberts

Why: It's a high energy punk record with lyrics exploring topics such as toxic masculinity, self-love, class, immigration, Brexit and more.​ This album truly lives up to its name as they perform with equal parts love and anger. I love this album so much and I have never heard anything quite like it!

“What Do You Think About the Car?” by Declan McKenna

Multimedia Editor: Ryan Roliff

Why: Declan brought back politically-charged indie music for the 21st century. His songs dive headfirst into issues such as militarism, government corruption, transphobia in news media, hypocritical uses of religion and more.

Listen to our Spotify playlist:


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