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Revolution: Chasing Dreams in Cleveland

Written by Megan Baranuk​

Two young Clevelanders have formed a media and entertainment business, and released their first album. Ryan Grimesey, age 19, and Nathaniel French, age 20, are local and independent artists. Based in Cleveland, the two young artists recently founded Revolution Media Group, an entertainment and media group. Their first album, Paradise, was recently dropped on Spotify and other streaming services.The two artists grew up in the suburbs of Cleveland, where they met and formed the idea for the Revolution Media Group. After tireless nights of bouncing ideas off of each other, the Revolution Media Group was born. Grimesey’s background of producing beats, as he had always been musically inclined, was a great help to the company. French’s ability to learn was invaluable as well, as he is self taught in all aspects of business.

“The Revolution Media Group is a collaboration of people, creating something much bigger than just the two of us,” French said. Revolution Media Group has its beginnings in Grimesey’s basement. What began as Grimesey pitching album ideas to French grew into a growing, local business. The media groups handles everything from producing beats, writing contracts, booking events, and putting together albums. French is self taught in handling legal aspects, as well as event planning and networking. Making people excited about a non physical concept was a marketing challenge for French and Grimesey. Eventually, the artists threw a release party for Grimesey’s album.

“It was really special to see all the people come out to support something that had been purely on the internet, in a physical way. Being able to see so many people supporting us was really special, and something I will never forget,” Grimesey said. Grimesey’s album, Paradise is a deeply personal album exploring guilt, depression, anxiety, and a search for meaning. Throughout the album remains a hopeful undertone.

Grimesey’s journey to his first album release began with producing beats for local rappers. However, the longer he produced beats for rappers, the more he realized that his passion resided in indie and alternative music. Grimesey embarked upon writing an alternative album. This album would later become known as Paradise. The titles of songs, verses, and imagery are all deeply symbolic. Grimesey reached out to local singers, each with a dream of their own, and Paradise quickly became a project that encompassed many local artists’ dreams and passions, creating a melting pot of passion and creativity.

“I would rather share everything I have, than die without sharing any of it,” said Grimesey in response to a question about the personal side of the album, and the insecurities accompanying such a personal project. Grimesey is proud of the work he accomplished through writing and producing the album and wants the world to hear and experience his story.

Though French and Grimesey’s journeys were far from perfect, the duo maintains that although mistakes were made in the process, if they had the chance to go back, they would not make a single change. French and Grimesey both felt that the mistakes they made helped them learn, grow, and lead to opportunities that never would have been possible otherwise. Going forward, French hopes to promote new projects for the company more often, and to take each day as it comes. Handling a new album, an EP, and a short film for the Paradise album is on the forefront for Revolution Media Group. Grimesey looks forward to being involved in the short film, as well as continuing to work on songwriting, and exploring writing film scores.

Writer’s Note: Readers can listen to the album Paradise by Ryan Grimesey on Spotify and Apple Music. The Revolution Media Group can be reached via their website,, or their Instagram,



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