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Mask-Friendly Halloween Makeup

Written & photographed by: Lauren Koleszar

Makeup artist Carlie Wotton is ready to show you four makeup looks for Halloween that will make anyone look like a pro, no matter your skill level. Even better? All of her looks are mask-friendly, so you can wear them anywhere and everywhere this Halloween.

Whether you’re in a time crunch and need a quick costume, or you’re celebrating Halloween at a location that asks you to wear a mask, here are a couple of fast, mask-friendly makeup looks that will make you look and feel like you put time and effort into your spooky look for the night.

Makeup artist Carlie Wotton has designed four makeup looks that are only three steps each — half of them can be done with just some black eyeliner!


Look 1: Leopard

What You Need: bronzer, black eyeliner pencil
  1. Apply bronzer in a wide semi-circle on the upper sides of the face where the spots will go. This will make the spots look much more natural on the skin.

  2. Use an eyeliner pencil to draw thick and uneven U shapes and smaller, chunky lines for a chalky and softer look when making the spots.

  3. For extra ferocity, continue drawing spots down to your collarbone and/or alternate the size of the spots on different sides of the face.

Look 2: Scary Skeleton

What You Need: white face paint, black face paint
Optional: red face paint, black liquid eyeliner
  1. Apply a base of white face paint over the whole face.

  2. Darken the eye area with black face paint to create the impression of deep eye sockets. You can also gently add a layer of red around the sockets and blend for more depth.

  3. Sharply follow the cheekbones with the black face paint and blend. You can also use black liquid eyeliner to draw a crack down the top of the forehead of the skull and add more precise detail.

Look 3: Seventies Dream

What You Need: black eyeliner, brown/colored eyeliner
  1. Use the black eyeliner to create a long, thin wing on the eyes.

  2. With either brown or colored (purple is a favorite) eyeliner, mimic the curve of the eye directly onto the bone above the eyes (note: this is NOT the crease; this should be ABOVE the eye and you should be able to feel the bone onto which you are drawing).

  3. For the authentic Twiggy look, use either the black or colored eyeliner to add short, defined lines beneath the eyes, creating the illusion of doll-like bottom lashes.

Look 4: Witchy Spider Web

What You Need: black liquid eyeliner
Optional: charcoal eyeliner
  1. Angling the liquid eyeliner from the corner of the eye, draw a line all the way to the hairline and continue drawing lines in a semi-circle around the eye.

  2. Draw smaller, connecting lines perpendicular to the others in between each of the web stands.

  3. Carefully trace over the lines with a charcoal pencil liner for a less harsh, more blended look. For added detail, draw one more line below the eye and sketch two connected ovals and eight small angled lines to make a spider hanging from the eye.


Carlie, modeling the Seventies Dream makeup look, is finishing her degree in Film and Media Arts as a senior at CSU and aspires to do screen and stage makeup professionally and work as a costume designer.

Tag us on Instagram (@vindi_csu) if you try out any of these looks this Halloween!

Models: Lauren Koleszar, Luke Peters, Carlie Wotton



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