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How to Remain Human: MOCA Cleveland

This upcoming Thursday, August 27 until Saturday August 29, MOCA Cleveland will be hosting the anticipated event “Mimeo Revolution: Artist Book & Zine Fair.” This weekend is inspired by the work of two renowned artists: the late poet/publisher d.a. levy and graphic novelist Derf Backderf. For those who don’t know, zines are self-published booklets of printed art. They’re crazy, weird, colorful, or colorless graphical novellas full of an artist’s personality. Well known crafters of self-published graphic novels and zines will be joined by many local Cleveland artists ranging from newer independants to established veterans. This artistic group of zine-lovers and publishers all share a common appreciation for the rebellious, boundary-pushing style of d.a. levy’s work. Expect to see some provocative booklets, full of social commentary and nipples.

As usual, MOCA will also serve as a multi-dimensional art space for this event. While patrons tour the fair of graphic novels and zines, local musicians are scheduled to perform concerts. Poetry readings and workshops will also be available for a fee of only $8 dollars. A full day of tours, workshops, concerts, and sheer awesomeness will be followed by nightly after parties - a great way to indulge in the artists of the emerging Cleveland arts-scene. Dress Code: please look either rich or bohemian. A combination would be preferred.


This weekend long party is also a part of MOCA’s summertime exhibition “How to Remain Human.” Among the colorful booklets that will be featured at the fair, you will see many sculptures and paintings meant to capture what if feels like to be human. Thick paint and textures are a theme, protruding from canvases like scabs on your skin. Language and narratives can be found across many of the works too, communicating the daily urge, need, want, and desire to create things - art or literature. Inspired by d.a. levy’s raw poetry, this entire exhibit features the free expression of humanity through every medium and craft artists have at their disposal. Your skin will itch or maybe tickle, you will laugh at some sights, you might get a bit angry, and you will be forced to face humans.

This weekend is a wonderful opportunity to challenge your emotional intelligence, observe the sophisticated work of respected artists, and even try your hand at new form of expression. For $8 dollars a day (free for MOCA members), you too can learn How to Remain Human.

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