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Cane Hill Review

Written by Tabitha Timms​

On Oct. 11, Cane Hill brought their first ever headlining show to The Foundry in Lakewood OH, and they did not disappoint. Supporting acts included Ivy League, Dreamwalker, Afterlife and Sharptooth.

The band opening their set with full force playing “Lord Of Flies,” as the intimate crowd scrunched together in front of the stage, it seemed as if the band fed of the crowds energy. Their sound was clear without missing a beat.

As CH glided down their set list they kept their songs fast paced and entertaining. The band bounced around on stage as if they were playing with the crowd, not just for them. CH also has an undeniable chemistry, they’re confident and graceful while captivating their audience.

Lead vocalist, Elijah Witt, has a very deep and strong vocal presence, he keeps his screaming vocals controlled, which is a pleasurable sound in a live setting.

Although the band’s music leans more on that hard, of hard-rock the way they preform is almost peaceful. CH carries themselves in away in that they don’t need to get too wild to keep your attention. Their naturally good and their music speaks for itself.

Next time they’re in town don’t sleep on a chance to see them play.



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