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Cane Hill Interview

Written by Tabitha Timms

Cane Hill came to Kent, OH, on May 9 in support of Sylar’s first headlining tour in America.

Cane Hill put on a crowd captivating performance, bringing their catchy and cinematic nature of their songs to life in a bold way.

We got the chance to speak with lead vocalist, Elijah Witt, about the tour, their latest record, song inspiration and more.

You’re currently on your spring tour with Sylar, how has it been so far?

This has been a fun tour, I like all the bands on it so, it’s like hanging out with friends which is rare, so it’s nice and fun.

You’re no stranger to touring, from supporting bands like Motionless In White to Of Mice & Men and Blessthefall, what has been your favorite experience while on the road?

Driving the desert and watching The Office, which is nothing to do with music.

Your 2018 record, Too Far Gone, plays with different elements such as melodies in music and theatrical vocals, what inspires you to make this kind of ear catching music?

Well, everyone likes it when it’s catchy so that’s the move in my opinion. We’re all fans of active rock, so the catchy stuff that’s on the radio like Nickelback and Three Days Grace that everyone wants to talk shit about that write hits. We also listen to a lot of pop, hip-hop and R&B.


Photos by Tiffany Roberts

Your lyrics seem to vary throughout the record, do you write from personal experience or do you pull ideas from elsewhere?

Too Far Gone was all about personal experience. Smile, the album right before was all kinda stories.

In songs such as “Singing In The Swamp” seem explore an almost cinematic feel, can you give us a bit of a background on that track?

Well “Singing In The Swamp” we recorded all the sounds from our backyard, where we were record and where we write everything, so we literally built a swamp, and that’s James’ dog barking like a madman in the background.

What do you hope fans and new listeners take away from your music?

I genuinely just want them to like it, just enjoy it, at face-value or for a deeper reason, just please like it.

As we get further into 2019, what can we expect from you?

I actually just found out what our future holds so, the future is bright.



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