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Artist Spotlight: Tyler Jeffries

Rising designer from Cleveland State’s Graphic Design Program

Written by: Katherine Justiniani

Artist statement:

Between designing school projects and my own personal pieces, I’m making something almost every day. I would be sick of it by now if I wasn’t having so much fun with it. Every time I find a new song I like, I immediately start brainstorming how I’d go about designing new album art for it. I’m very passionate about my work and I hope that it’s noticeable in the final product.

Most of my work is made up of custom album art based on my favorite music. I also design artwork related to video games, sports and my favorite movies. I do all of this through a design brand I created last summer called Planet 33 (I like space and 33 is the street I grew up on). I document everything I make on Instagram — @planet33design — if you want to connect with me and see more of my work.

If you’re interested in supporting me, I’m currently selling prints of everything you see here and more. You can use the QR code here or tap the link in the bio of my Instagram.


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