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A Chemical Engineering Poem

I am but an element

Surrounded by structures made of cement

In pursuit to become a molecule

One like or unlike me, together we will not be ridiculed

Our bond would tie us and I wish

Nobody observed us under a petri dish

Or determined our structure through spectroscopy

The warmth we share being our enthalpy

Our entropy being how we change

We may decay, but feelings-wise not rearrange

We will not try to be like a noble gas

No matter how greener the grass

May seem to be on the other side

We will be who we are and enjoy the ride

We will be the same in equality

For our mole fractions shall equal unity

We will find hope, we will find trust

Unlike iron, we will not rust

When the time shall come, we will disintegrate

In hope our electron clouds may integrate

Just like a product of R or K with T

Tales would be told of our energy

And as if by fate, perhaps on a bus

An Engineering student will read of us

The function we had in society

How we helped someone get a PhD

At least our story the very few knew

My love for you eternally renewed

On the Periodic Table, they may find us a place

Whether we behave as an acid or a base

We will always be together, in close proximity

From time = 0 to infinity.



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