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#VindiTravels: Miami, Florida

​Visiting Miami was quite an experience. The bright, blue skies filled with beautiful sun rays were clear and free of cloud or rain. Palm trees stood tall resembling a fantasy. The Fort Lauderdale International Airport was bustling with families and tourists, tired from their journeys and ready to reach their destinations. The airport flourished with folks in sundresses, floral shirts, sun hats, and sunglasses, all soaking up the aesthetic city.

Landing in the early morning, the Fort Lauderdale humidity was immediately stifling. Nonetheless, the wonderful Florida scenery was memorizing. I traveled to South Florida via the Tri-Rail, leaving Fort Lauderdale International headed to Miami International. Arriving in “The Magic City” at Miami International, I caught the Lyft to my hotel in South Miami. Exhausted from my plane ride, I rested before my afternoon tour on the Miami Double Decker Tour Bus.

I met with friends on Lincoln Road near South Beach to board the tour bus. We sat on the top level to have a better view of Miami scenery. Traveling through downtown Miami was amazing. The most beautiful sight was the magnificent beauty of Millionaire’s Row. According to our tour guide, celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, Matt Damon, Calvin Klein and countless others have homes on Millionaire’s Row. These luxurious mansions begin pricing at $1 million. The architecture was remarkable. I had never seen anything in person that resembled the unique design and construct of the homes on Millionaire's Row. The last stop on our tour was South Beach. The water in South Beach was amazing. We walked the beach long enough to site see before our early dinner at the Rusty Pelican.

The Rusty Pelican is located in Key Biscayne on the waterfront. The scenery was astonishing! Along beautiful waters of the beach were intimate patio seating arrangements. Originally, we sat outside, but relocated to a more closely acquainted booth inside the restaurant. The atmosphere inside the restaurant was quiet yet inviting. It was delicate, yet enjoyable. Our hostess was polite and full of energy, and we had options from an exquisite menu.

I tried the Fried Calamari and ink dipping sauce as an appetizer. Being that this was my first time trying [squid], I was mortified. Our wonderful server brought out a dish that I thought may still be alive. After being taunted by my friends for my hesitant reaction, I grabbed my utensils and gave the appetizer a taste.

Dipped in the ink sauce, my tastebuds did backflips! A great source of protein, the fried calamari had a desirable taste, and a slight sweetness to it. I ordered the Atlantic Salmon for my entree, which consisted ofan seared salmon over creamy mashed potatoes, asparagus, and garlic caper butter sauce, creating a delightful explosion in my mouth! It was so good!

One of my friends ordered the Crispy Whole Local Snapper. I had never seen a whole snapper before, let alone ordered one for dinner. The snapper was served with creamy coconut orzo, arugula and corn salad, and roasted jalapeño lime dressing.

After staring at my friend’s entree for so long that I swore I saw the tail move, our server asked if he wanted the snapper deboned. Then she removed the head of the snapper and deboned it.Being so careful to save all fish from the bone, the server was thorough and speedy in her work. My friend offered me a portion. Topped with roasted jalapeño lime, it's slightly crunchy exterior and moist interior were prepared beautifully, creating a sensational taste. The experience was great in combination with the spectacular view of downtown Miami. I give the Rusty Pelican two thumbs up!

After an extremely fulfilling dinner, we visited the art district in Miami known as the Wynwood Art District. The district is famously known for its more than 70 art galleries, museums and collections. The art of Wynwood is a combination of murals and outdoor graffiti. Many of Miami’s local artists meet here for festivals and other local events to create paintings in honor of special events and support for other artists. Wynwood has been a district for 100 years and is growing more and more popular each day.

Our next stop was the Bayside Marketplace for some nighttime fun. With over 75 shopping attractions, over 30 eateries, a bay, petting zoos and plenty of boat parties, the Bayside Marketplace is a one-stop-shop for non-stop fun in the Miami sun.

Later, we went to Tradewinds Bar and Grill for drinks and lobster. When it was time for our boat ride, we witnessed the beautiful Miami sunset from the top of a yacht. Thanks Miami! That was only day one.

Visiting Miami was quite an experience. I can’t wait to go back.



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