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#VindiTravels: Atlanta, GA

​Traveling isn’t something I’m a custom to, this trip was a lot of firsts for me. For one thing this was my first experience on a plane, with the help of some Tito’s Vodka mixed with Gatorade it made the short hour and 45 minute flight not as terrifying as I anticipated.

Upon arriving to Atlanta, we had a delicious breakfast a the Broken Egg and continued our venture to the literal mansion we were staying at, taking winding roads and rolling past battlegrounds from the Civil War.

Our reasoning for being in such a lovely state was a wedding shower for my boyfriend’s brother, therefore we got the amazing opportunity of staying with his soon-to-be extended family and their gorgeous home for the day. The house was located behind a padlocked gate, once beyond it there were what seemed like miles of grass, complete with stables of horses.

I’ve never stayed in a home like this one, built themselves, and just as cozy as it could be, the basement could be and apartment alone, let alone their delightfully wooded backyard, which was perfect for their charming hunting dog, Cooper.

We spent the day cozied up, sharing laughs and enjoying each other’s company until it was time to attend the whole reason we came, the wedding shower. The house full of people getting ready, girls getting glammed up, guys getting their shirts tucked in and off we went.

As if I hadn’t experienced enough magic for one day, we drove through a gate through horse farms up to the house that held the shower. The place was something that looked like something airbrushed from a television set, everything was exquisite. It might be a once in a lifetime experience and well worth the short day-long stay. The soon-to-be bride and groom were captivating and made their way around the party splitting their time evenly among their guests.

The party was short and sweet and the whole day was one for the books, very special and touching, we can’t wait to see what the wedding has in store for usually.



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