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​College bound Chad is at it again,

Engaging in intellectual conversations.

Few weeks in, his exterior image is a happy person but on the inside, he’s broken.

He puts on his mask for the world to see what he wants them to see.

Living in a materialistic world, he longs for adventure and romance.

Picks himself up but can’t help that he feels as if he has no place to escape.

He met a girl this semester and he’s been chatting her up every now and then.

He’s been daydreaming of her boho chic vibe, dark hair and her ability to chat with everyone she meets so effortlessly.

All he’s dreamed about was taking her on dates but he gets nervous around her so he clams up.

His heart beat thumps rapidly when he looks at her, hears her laugh and when he sees her smiling.

He loves chatting with her but little did he know that he was falling for her.

He went on a walk with her on a sunny autumn day and she told him that he kissed another but wasn’t seeing anyone.

His heart was torn because he knew she could never like him.

He knew that she was out of his league.

The situation isn’t ideal but that’s life.

He always wishes that he could be someone else.

Maybe better looking, or have the ability to be charming and brave.

He is heartbroken but that’s the way life is set up.

No matter how great your life may seem, sometimes, all it can take is that one person to fill the void in your heart or life.

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