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​ As a constant consumer of our current media-rich culture, there are endless lists of subjects to keep one occupied. From cat videos, to BuzzFeed posts, to memes, to political commentaries/satires, to one of my personal favorites: pranks.

Let’s ignore the debates on whether most (if not all) prank videos are staged. Let me also assure you that I will not be linking to pranks designed to incite racial stereotyping, pranks that have a serious possibility of leading to rape, and pranks that comment on societal psychology.

To celebrate April Fools Day, allow me to countdown my personal list of hilarious prank videos.

8 Pie compilation. Found this one yesterday (3/31/16). From the same guy who makes my #1 favorite prank video. This one is at the bottom because its funny, but it's also pretty mean to the people being pranked. See the video here!

7 Zombies on train. Found this one in October 2015. I'm not a Zombie fan, but I still think this video is pretty funny. This video doesn't look like it was too expensive to make - but I'm sure a lot of 3rd parties had to be contacted to set this up; the railway operators/supervisors and the police. See the video here!

6 Chucky chasing people. I first saw this video October 2015. This is probably one of the most expensive pranks I've ever seen. It's also one of those pranks that makes you feel like you need to write your Spiritual Savior an apology letter for laughing at it! A dwarf man dresses as the homicidal children's doll from the 1990's Chucky movies, busts through a glass advertisement for a Chucky movie, and chases people at the bus stop down the street! See the video here!

5 Bee's in elevator. I found this in February 2016. Funny, but pretty mean too. This one could very easily get the pranker sued - but another one of those evil pranks you love to hate. A guy dresses as a beekeeper with three huge boxes that make bee noises and gets in an elevator. Then he pretends to drop these "heavy with bees" boxes and starts zapping the panicking person in the elevator as if the bees are stinging them!!! See the video here!

4 Sub-Zero in elevator. I found this in January 2016. Remember the video game Mortal Kombat? Of course you do! Remember the character Sub-Zero who was the freezing alternative to Scorpion? OF COURSE - he was the original Mr. Freeze, only cooler! (Pun intended.) So a guy dressed as Sub-Zero stands in an elevator and when people come in, they see him bouncing around. Then as the elevator starts moving, the Mortal Kombat voice says one of its famous lines - "Round 1: Fight!" or "Finish him!" - and the guy randomly starts his lame karate moves to freak people out! I'm sorry, but this is too funny! See the video here!

3 Elf moving. I found this video in September 2015. Its super short - but funny as hell. A guy is eating next to a Gnome. The Gnome moves a bottle of pills on the table, but the guy wasn't sure if the Gnome really did it since he was eating. The Gnome did it again, and the guy BOLTS!!! See the video here!

2 MagicofRahat in drive-thru’s. I found these videos a few years ago on Youtube. This guy created the illusion that his car was empty by using cardboard boxes put togeher to look like car chairs. Then he went to fast-food restaurants and ordered food! He's a REALLY good magician - and people's reactions to him are priceless! See these and all his other GREAT prank videos here!

1 Water balloon fights. I found this 2 days ago (3/30/16). THIS IS AWESOME!!! Best prank video I've seen since the MagicofRahat videos. This guy gives random people a bucket full of water balloons. Then he walks away to see if they stay or go. Then he returns with his own bucket of water balloons and immediately starts a random water balloon fight! People go from shock to having fun! A great way to make friends I say! Brings out the kid in all of us and a big smile on your face! See this video here!

Thanks for reading, and Happy April Fools!

- Kimberly Steele

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