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Set It Off Review

Written by Tabitha Timms

​Pop-Rock band Set It Off brought their ‘Midnight’ tour to The Grog Shop in Cleveland, OH on March 5th.

The band brought super whatever and With Confidence along as supporting acts.

With Confidence brought a set filled to the brim with catchy songs and a light-hearted stage presence. They carried themselves in a laid-back manner while putting emphasis on their talent. Lead vocalist, Jayden Seeley, pushes his vocals to the limit during “Dinner Bell.” The band also treated the crowd to “Here For Nothing” and closed out their set with “Voldemort,” as they ignite their chemistry during the instrumentals.

Following With Confidence came Set It Off, hitting the stage with one of their newest tracks, “Lonely Dance.” It took a minute for the crowd to get settled, it was a hodge-podge of pushing and pulling to find a spot to stand and see. The band held their own with their magnetizing energy.

Set It Off’s set was diverse, playing songs as far back as their Cinematics record. The band brought a screen behind them which was impressive for the small space that they have to work with. The way they set up their show was almost like taking an arena showing and sizing it down multiple times.

Each member is charismatic, eyes were drawn to a different member during certain songs as they played on. Lead vocalist, Cody Carson, takes his showmanship to a new level, by crowd surfing and practically standing on the audience at certain moments.

While tour was in support of the band’s newest album, Midnight, the audience got to hear many tracks from “Criminal Minds” to single “Killer In The Mirror.”

SIO also sent a surge of electricity through the room with drummer, Maxx Danziger’s, drum solo, the crowd sang along to pop hits including Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings” and Halsey’s “Without Me” as Danziger continued to drum along to the beats.

The band came back out with “Dancing With The Devil,” carrying out the danceable aura that had been created by the drum solo.

Near the end of the set the band created a medley of songs so that “everyone got the chance to hear what they wanted” Carson said. The band played “Midnight” and then officially closed out their set with “Wolf In Sheep's Clothing”

This show creates a high-end atmosphere in small setting, it’s stunning and impressive a must see for new and old Set It Off fans alike.



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